Monday, 2 October 2017

Foundry Miniatures Blitzkrieg German Infantry

As part of my clear the bench challenge, I had to paint up 8 Foundry German Infantry (WW2027) as they were left incomplete from my 100 Days of Hobby Challenge.  These will be used for my Blitzkrieg Germans.  They are great sculpts and extremely easy to paint. They are older figures and are sculpted by the infamous Alan and Michael Perry. I decided to try "speed painting" these guys and are not my best result but I am pretty satisfied with how they came out and will look good on the table.  I think they took about 5 hours to do (maybe).  Not really speed painting I guess!

Something of note.  The NCO's are not carrying the MP38 or MP40.  This was quite common during the invasion of Poland and subsequent early campaigns.

They are slightly smaller than the BTD sculpts however mix well.  They are nearly on par with Warlord Plastics.  I will do a comparison in the future so stay tuned.

Of interesting note, my Blitzkrieg Germans are now my largest Army and I have only painted them this year! This is of course including their huge armoured support that they have. Without their armoured support they still come in at 34 painted infantry alone. My 1939 Poles are still the largest figure intensive Army, followed by my Fallshirmjager. This certainly wasn't intentional but there is something so cool and unique about a Blitzkrieg force, not to mention they are almost always overshadowed by the ever so popular late war German forces ( I am my own best critic here! )

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WW2 Blitzkrieg German Miniatures 28mm
Foundry Miniatures WW2027 German Infantry

Foundry Miniatures Germans
Some riflemen

WW2 Blitzkrieg German Miniatures 28mm
Easy details to pick out

German NCO with rifle
NCOs without MP38 or MP40

coming soon...