Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Jumping In Part 2 - Not so Easy

Part 1 Here

I have painted up my first 10 men for my 101st Airborne D-Day Paratroopers.  As previously mentioned I have no intention of an Easy Company theme because every 101st Airborne Army is Easy Company (well not all... but most)... however that is not to say that they may recreate some of their famous actions.  They will be generic 101st Airborne Paratroopers.  Offensive miniatures model some of the infantry with the BAR which was not equipped when parachuting in due to the size of the weapon however Glider Companies carried them and it is well known that Paratroopers looted many a weapon.

I keep playing around with some post editing using the program Gimp.  Gimp is free and easy to use and there are a large amount of video tutorials etc online.  A simple google search will direct you to Gimp.

28mm US Airborne
28mm US Airborne Paratroopers - Offensive Miniatures

Easy Company Miniatures
Decals by Warlord Games

Offensive Miniatures US Airborne Paratroopers
What's that rustling over there?  Meh... probably just the wind

Offensive Miniatures
Fresh off the painting queue.  Offensive miniatures 28mm Metal US Airborne

There you go... an Easy Company Reference for you