Saturday, 21 October 2017

Test Figure - Napoleonic Austrians

I couldn't wait to get started on Napoleonics and decided to go with my Austrian Forces.  I chose the 4th Austrian Infantry Regiment, Hoch und Deutschmeister from Lower Austria.  Of note Austrian regiments were named after their Colonel.

I chose this regiment as the blue uniform trim looks great and the Perry Miniatures Box Set comes with a flag for them.  I haven't done much research into the period however am learning each time I commit to the hobby.

It was fun to paint and I shall be doing lots of batch painting to get these on the table.  I wanted to achieve a nice table top standard and didn't want to invest too much time.  I think I will paint 4-6 models at a time.  Anything more than that and I get bored.  If I generate some interest I will post a how to guide.

Was quite the challenge photographing a predominantly white figure

All complete and ready for the photo booth



The other Austria


  1. Great work, you should write a little paint guide for them, please :)

    1. Thank you kindly. I think once I master painting them efficiently yet maintaining a solid look I should see to this!