Monday, 15 August 2016

Bolt Action Messerschmitt Me 262 Bolt Action and Operation Armoured Fist 2016

My gaming club and possibly the best gaming club in Sydney, Company of Dice hosted Operation Armoured Fist which was run by our good friend Rob.

This article will discuss my decision to run a War Plane, it's construction and how it performed on the day.

Bolt Action Me 262 War Plane Bird 1/72
The Me 262 A-1a 1/72 Scale from Revell Models


Armoured fist allows you to run Armoured Platoons and War Planes with 1500 points to play with.  As I have never run a War Plane in Bolt Action before and the rules are being phased out for Second Edition (so I have been told), I just happened to have an un-built Me 262 laying around that was not intended to be used for war gaming.

Me 262 Bolt Action 1/72
Constructed and ready for priming

Pre-shading done.  This can be rough

Base Coated

Post Shading Done

Me 262 A 1a 1/72 Revell Models
Me 262 A-1a By Revell Models

Me 262 Bolt Action
Them Jets

Me 262 A 1 a Revell Models Bolt Action
With its base

Operation Armoured Fist Company Of Dice
Armoured Fist

Operation Armoured Fist Company of Dice
The Prizes

Bolt Action Armoured Armored Platoon 1500 points
My Force

Bolt Action German Armoured Platoon 1500 Points
My Force

The Germans Roll Out

Bolt Action 28mm Me 262
Mind your ears!

Game 1 vs Soviets

Bolt Action 28mm Me 262 A 1a
Game 2 Strafing Run on Bryan's Hungarians

Me 262 Wrecked 2 of Bryan's Hetzers

Bolt Action 1/56 28mm Stug
Stug Down!

Bail out!

Game 3 vs Zane - Me 262 Flying over the Battle Field

How did the 262 go?

For 253 Points it is Regular has 4 x Heavy Auto Cannons and a bomb.  To say it was overpowered was an understatement!

Game 1 vs Soviets - Victory.  Tabled the enemy turn 5. 262 knocked out a T34 and strafed two infantry units. 1497 points collectively damage done.

Game 2 vs Hungarians - Loss.  Hard fought tank battle!  262 wrecked two Hetzers and strafed a Zyrinii II.  1000 points collectively damage done.

Game 3 vs Germans - Victory. Awesome grudge match in demolition.  262 knocked out an Armoured Car and a Panzer 3.  Did a strafing run on a Panzer 4. 893 points collectively damage done.

Overall I came 4th and got the honorary Terminator Award (unofficially) from the organiser Rob.  I clocked up 3390 points of damage over 3 games! No one came close to that!

Bryan took out the day with First Place and Best Painted (Hungarians) and in my opinion well deserved!