Monday, 9 May 2016

My First Bolt Action Army - Fallschirmjager and Luftwaffe Field Division

I decided to run with a Luftwaffe Army with combined elements of Fallschirmjager and Luftwaffe Field Division.  Forgive the photos, I hadn't worked out a good technique yet.

Warlord Games
28mm Metal Fallschirmjager Warlord Games
 This was my first 28mm Miniature in a very long time and my test figure.
Test Figure
28mm Metal Fallschirmjager Warlord Games

28mm Metal Fallschirmjager Squad Warlord Games

My first lot of Fallschirmjager troops painted up
28mm Fallshirmjager
28mm Metal Fallschirmjager Squad Warlord Games

Fallschirmjager Sniper
28mm Metal Fallschirmjager Sniper Conversion Warlord Games

A bit of Greenstuff for the sniper
28mm Fallschirmjager Snipers
28mm Metal Fallschirmjager Sniper Squad Warlord Games
Sniper Team
Plastic Luftwaffe Field Division
28mm Plastic Grenadiers Warlord Games

The begginings of the Field Division troops.

Plastic Late War Grenadiers
28mm Plastic Late War Grenadiers as Field Division

On the shelf with a 1/35 T34 in the background!
28mm Combined Luftwaffe Troops

Combined Luftwaffe Force with "The Pest"!
1/56 Warlord Stug
1/56 Plastic Stug III Warlord Games

First 1/56 Armour I have painted.  Stug III with magnitised Shirtzen.
Warlord Stug
1/56 Plastic Stug III Warlord Games

Warlord Stug
1/56 Plastic Stug III Warlord Games

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bolt Action Tank War - Armoured Platoon Battle - Company of Dice Sydney

Recently my good friend Joe and I had a Bolt Action Tank War Battle at Joe's club, company of dice.

I thought we were playing 1250 points each and turned up with a Panzer Lehr platoon backed up with some German Fallshirmjager troops. Joe fielded a 1500 point US Armoured (Armored for the Americans!) platoon.  I was wondering why Joe had so many tanks!  I didn't realise he had a 1500 point list until the following day!  We went for a semi historical show down between the US 101st Airborne and the German Fallshirmjager at the Battle of Bloody Gulch, Normandy, 13 June 1944. We played the tank war scenario that comes in the Tank War supplement. It was a great game with victory going to the Germans.

The Americans Roll in!

Joe's platoon looks awesome on the table

Awesome shot of the US tanks rolling in

Here comes the Germans!

The German platoon is scouted by the infamous Pest

The Pest proceeds down a French Road

Panzer Lehr Hanomag falls to a Sherman
Stug claims his first kill, a US Halftrack
Stug claims his second kill, a M4 Sherman
Joe rolled onto the objective in the last turn but the Stug had something to say about that! The Puma followed in behind just in case!
In the end it was a great battle with some epic moments.  By far my MVP was my STUG and this video pretty much sums it up!

750 Points United States Marine Corps Army

Company of Dice is a Wargaming club that I belong to located at South Coogee Bowls Club.  They hosted their first Bolt Action Tournament known as Operation C.O.D.

I decided to play USMC.  I ordered a USMC army bundle of Warlord Games over the Christmas New Year period 2015 as a present to myself.

I wanted a unique and interesting looking army.  I wanted lots of characters and wanted to keep it historical.

The army won "The best army award" for creativity and aesthetics.  This was done by peer vote from the 22 participants (vote 1 USMC!!!).

My favorite unit is the 28mm War Dog team.  Love them!

The Prize and displayed on my shelf
28mm plasitc Warlord Games
HQ. Both miniatures are Warlord Plastics.
The assault group flamethrower
Engineer Squad.  Warlord Plastics with The Assault Group (TAG) Flame Thrower
USMC Raiders
Raider Squad.  Rules from Empires in Flames. Warlord Plastics
28mm USMC WW2
Raider Squad.  Rules from Empires in Flames. Warlord Plastics
Sniper and Observer
Sniper Team.  Warlord Plastics.
US Navy Corpsman
USN Navy Corpsman and USMC Stretcher Bearer.  Warlord Plastic and Warlord Metal.
28mm Metail USMC Mortar Squad Warlord Games
Mortar Squad Warlord Metals
28mm USMC MMG conversion medium machine gun conversion
MMG Team advancing.  Warlord Plastics.  I converted a Warlord metal .30 cal MMG into the pose.  I added Warlord Plastic Fallshirmjager and German Grenadier ammo belts and arms carrying ammo boxes.
28mm USMC War Dog Team
USMC War Dog Team.  My pride and joy.  Figures are Warlord Plastics and the dogs are from Crooked Dice.  The crooked dice dogs are a great option for 28mm War Dogs. Rules for these guys are in Empires in Flames.
Marine War Dog Doberman German Shepherd 28mm

Visit to Warlord Games Nottingham and a disappointing start into Bolt Action

In the UK Summer of 2015 I was in the UK and was in Nottingham.  I gave war lord games a call and got a good deal sorted out on the phone.  Sarah from their customer service team sorted me out.

I visited their headquarters briefly and picked up my first Bolt Action Miniatures.  I met some of the crew and had a good chat with them about Bolt Action and how big it is in Australia.

 It was a nice 30 minute walk from the train station and I got to take in some of Nottingham's sights!
 A room full of stock at Warlord HQ.
Warlord Games Mail Room
 The busy mail order room.
My first haul of BA goodness.

 Sadly when I returned to Australia I noticed some faults in the products I picked up.  I should of checked them before flying home.  The Michael Wittmann Tiger 1 was a terrible cast.  The tracks were warped and bent.
 Even after soaking in warm water and bending them back into place I needed to plus the gaps with green stuff.

 The final assembled Tiger 1.  Not very happy with it but decided to persevere with it rather than send it back.
 My German Late war Grenadiers ended up being 6 Sprues of Russians!!!
A quick email to Sarah at Warlord Games sorted it.  She sent me a brand new box of Grenadiers and 6 weapon sprues for the Russians.  Faith in Warlord restored!  I donated the Russian's as a prize for MOAB 2015.