Saturday, 8 October 2016

Poland First to Fight

Recently I visited Krakow in Poland.  Whilst there I visited the Oscar Schindler Museum which had some excellent displays about the German Blitzkrieg and the Occupation of Poland.  This sparked my interest in Poland's involvement in the Second World War.  I purchased Battlegroup Blitzkrieg that really sparked my interest in the era.  Being a 28mm gamer I did not want to change scales so it was time to start a Bolt Action army that can also be used in other game systems.  I have had a keen interest in Poland and the early war for about the last 4 or 5 months.

Recently at MOAB 2016 I picked up a cracking deal from War and Peace Games at a very nice discount.  I couldn't wait to paint up a test mini.  The bolt action miniatures are very nice sculpts and will look great on the table.

28mm Polish Poland Infantry Miniature First to Fight Warlord Games Bolt Action
Warlord Games 28mm Metal Polish Infantry - Test figure for my Army - Autumn 1939

So here he is.  What is interesting is that the examples of painted Poles on the Warlord Website contrasts with the colours they suggest you paint them with!  I decided to go for the historical approach and this is what you get!  Overall this was a very simple miniature to paint.  The sculpt is excellent and there is lots of nice details to pick out.  I decided to not add their blue collar tabs as they did not (or were not meant to) wear these in combat.  I am still not 100% satisfied with my photography.  The above photo was done with a HTC One.  The following photo was also done with a HTC One and the final photo was done with a Nokia 920.  I will eventually try something different to having a black background!

28mm Polish Infantry
Same miniature taken with HTC One M8 no LED light added to shot

28mm Bolt Action Polish Poland Miniature
Same miniature taken with Nokia 920

Time To Make Poland Great Again!

Politics aside, I thought this was pretty funny - I did not make this image!

Poland would have to be one of the least represented armies in Bolt Action (I know they are out there!).  I have never seen them on the table in person in the Australian Scene.  Poland is one of those nations that most people write off in World War II.  They were an extremely proud and tough military force and the overwhelming German Blitzkrieg completely over ran them.  On many occasions they gave the German's a bloody nose and lets not forget they were abandoned by the allies and betrayed by the Soviets.  

I think Poland is misrepresented in the Bolt Action Rules and their national rules are quite rubbish.  Their army list is quite bland however I want to create a Historical force with many options that will really change the attitude of players towards the Polish.  I was quite opposed to cavalry in the game initially however after doing my research it is a must in a Polish list.  Saying that I am glad they have toned down Cavalry in Version 2.

So keep an eye out for updates, I have big plans for the Poles and may not just focus on the dark days of September 1939.  If I can get a few more players interested in Poland, I think I would have achieved my goal!  I look forward to making and playing this army.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Fallschirmjager Veterans - East Meets West

I have built up three more troops for my ever expanding Fallschirmjager Force.  I want them to be a cross between the Normandy Campaign and the Campaigns of the Eastern Front for a true representation of hardened veterans.

I deliberately chose some of the early war smocks to represent this.  I will be doing up some looted weapons shortly to continue this theme.

I have made a small LMG team and an additional riflemen.  I intend to get away from the FG42 and arm my troops with more rifles to keep them themed and more historical.

This first trooper is the LMG Gunner.  The look I went for was that of another Fighter Bomber, or what German's referred to as the Jabo (Jagdbomber) attack.  You can see the frustration and despair in his face... not again!

28mm Plastic Fallschirmjager LMG MG42
Deckung! Jabo! - Looking to the skies, another Fighter Bomber attack!

Next up is the dedicated loader.  His face says it all, it has been a long war!

28mm Warlord Games Fallschirmjager Late War Grenadier Conversion LMG Loader
Warlord Late War Plastic Grenadier with Fallschirmjager Head.

The final addition is a lone rifleman.  Again I have used an early/mid war jump smock

28mm Plastic Fallschirmjager Eastern Front Normandy Jump smock
Warlord Fallschirmjager