Monday, 27 March 2017

The invasion of Poland Begins

To invade Poland, one must have Panzers... I chose Panzer 1s!  Already considered outdated for the invasion, they were used and in large numbers.  Usually I would go for no more than 3 of a kind for some tanks but the thought of 5 Panzer 1s and a Panzer 1 Befehlswagen was too much of an opportunity to pass.  Being a bit silly I decided to paint them all at once in addition to a Panzer 35T and a Krupp Ammunition car.  The Panzer 1 horde is primarily for a scenario in Battlegroup Blitzkrieg however they should also make their way into a Bolt Action Armoured Platoon some day.

I have also been working on a table.  I will post my terrain separately but here is a nice sneak peek.

1/56 Panzer Horde
A German Armoured Column passes a Polish Farm

The German Armoured Column rumbles on

The Regimental Commander takes in the view

JTFM Krupp Ammunition Car

Warlord Games Camera Man Propaganda BTD Painted Germans
Smile for the Camera.  More BTD Painted up and Warlord Camera Man

BTD 28mm German MMG Team

1/56 Panzer Befehlswagen
Warlord Games Panzer 1 Befehlswagen

Warlord Games Panzer Crew

Panzer 1 Befehlswagen

28mm Panzer Befehlswagen
A good Regimental Commander Sees Everything

1/56 Panzer 35t
Warlord Games Panzer 35T

Warlord Games Panzer 35t 28mm

Warlord Games 1/56 28mm German Tank Crew Panzer Crew
Panzer 1 Platoon Commander, he too likes to Heil things

Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzer 1 Panzer I
The Panzer 1s are from Blitzkrieg Miniatures and crew from Warlord Games

1/56 Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzer 1

JTFM Krupp Munitions Carrier
JTFM Krupp Munitions Carrier - Crew are JTFM

Unedited troops

Panzer 1 Horde
The Fleet (horde)
Coming Soon...

The invasion of Poland Solo play mini games developed by myself...


Friday, 10 March 2017

Now on Twitter

Following some inspiration from The Brit The Yank and The Hobby Podcast, I have decided to join twitter.  Not really sure the point of my twitter account but I guess its just another way to show off some of my stuff via social media.  Might put some pics of other stuff up there or previews for this blog.

My twitter page is

my handle is