Friday, 3 May 2019

Three Year Anniversary

On the 30th of April 2019 I had my 3rd Anniversary of my Blog Left Handed Panzerfaust!  This same day I had Surgery which I had been needing for a while to repair a hernia I had developed, hence the delayed anniversary post.

Over the past 2 years I have presented statistics from what I have achieved over the year.  This year I am not going to do this but instead will share some interesting statistics and some highs and lows.

  • The page has grown slowly from 30 followers to 42 - this just goes to show how powerful social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are when it comes to the hobby as blogging is less popular
  • The Blog received roughly 20,000 views in the past 12 months which is similar to its previous year
  • My main viewing audience is again interestingly from the United States, followed by the UK, Ireland and Australia
  • I am glad to see Mac and iphone IOS falling to the bottom for page views by operating systems (Sorry Apple people), Windows and Android have nearly 70% of viewership! 
  • Google is my main viewing source so that suggests to me my content is indexing well within the search engine
  • I posted 50% less than what I did over the previous year - this disappoints me the most!
  • Visiting Warhammer World was awesome in April 2019! Standby for separate post
  • My twitter account has grown to over 500 followers which is awesome.  I am very active there.
  • I really lost my Hobby mojo over the Christmas break but I am proud to say its back!
  • I was featured and mentioned in Warlord Games' Siege of Budapest :)
  • I will feature in 2 more yet to be announced books this year!
So thanks for sticking with me as we enter Left Handed Panzerfaust's fourth year!  Finally some highlights of what I managed to paint and achieve over the past 12 months.


Thursday, 11 April 2019

April Update and reviving project Waterloo

Its been a little quite on Left Handed Panzerfaust lately but I certainly haven't been quiet!

I have painted 32 more miniatures since my last update but am yet to show them on the blog. I will show them as a completed unit.  The miniatures in question are French Light Infantry for Waterloo.  I just have 4 more characters to paint and the unit will be complete.  This is for an exciting project that will be featured in something special later this year however you will have to wait and see what this is.

I also got around to cleaning up my clutter filled hobby room!  Enjoy the before and after pictures.  My Hobby space feels so much nicer now :)

My friend and follower of the blog Paul kindly donated some 28mm Kriegsmarine Germans for me to paint.  Thanks again Paul!

Finally, I am off to Europe for a couple of weeks tomorrow night.  I will be in the UK for a week, in Germany for a weekend then back to the UK for a few days the flying back to Australia.  I will then get a minor surgery procedure so expects lots and lots of painting! We can also celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of this blog (the day I get surgery)! I intend on painting a boatload of more Napoleonics, some fantasy, moderns and anything else that tickles my fancy.



Friday, 22 March 2019

Warhammer Quest Snotlings

I love painting fantasy figures and Green Skins is something I haven't painted in a long long long time.  I must say I loved painting these little pests!  It was also great to use my Goblin Green pot of paint!

Continuing with the theme of basing for Warhammer Quest, I trimmed the extremely boring and ordinary looking pudding bases away and recycled some plastics to create a dungeon/ruins cross over effect.

I actually love the 1990s Citadel Miniatures Monopose era!  Each snotling has an individual paint job.  There are 4 variants of their loincloth and subtle variations in their clubs.

Warhammer Quest Snotlings
Warhammer Quest Snotlings

Games Workshop Monopose Snotlings
1995 Monopose era
Dungeon Base miniatures

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Afghanistan Compound for 20mm Moderns

Adding to my 20mm Modern Warfare project is this 3D printed Afghanistan Compound by 3D Print Terrain.  This was available from one of their many kickstarters or can be purchased on their website.

I will be doing an article for Paint all the Minis that expands on how this compound came to what it is in these photos.  I will put up a link to the article once it is published on their website.

This thing is huge!

1/72 Afghanistan Compound
3D Print Terrain Afghan Compound

3d printed modern terrain

Afghanistan Terrain
The detail is lovely for a 3D print

Middle eastern wargames terrain
The compound was textured with a mix of PVA glue and Tile Grout

Wargames Compound

Modern Australian Miniatures
Australians commence clearing the compound

Taliban wargame miniatures
The Taliban have other ideas

taliban miniatures

modular 3d printed terrain
The Compound is fully Modular and magnatised

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Games Workshop Middlehammer Skeleton Kit Bashed Archers

Inspired by Warlords of Erewhon I have revisited my Games Workshop Skeletons. I had a mixture of kits from the original plastics to the more Middlehammer era kits.  Interestingly and to be expected I found the Middlehammer components to have more pronounced mold lines.

This aside, I used a variety of the components to create these archers.  I really like how they turned out.  These are fantastic figures and I love the look of them.  Old school Games Workshop beats their new stuff hands down!

These will be used in a variety of Games systems.

Games Workshop Skeleton Archers
Games Workshop Skeleton Archers

Warhammer Fantasy Skeleton Archers

Warhammer Tomb Kings Archers
My favourite poses

Undead Skeleton Archers

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Foundry Downed German Aircrew

I return to one of my favourite subjects, WW2 and 28mm.  Something I haven't painted in a long time!

Its good to knock over some more figures.  This pack is by Foundry Miniatures and is sculpted by the most talented Perry Twins.  They were entered in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge "Fellowship" bonus round.

I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  These can be used for a variety of scenarios in a number of rulesets.

A copy and paste as why I see them as a fellowship...

The miniatures depicted here tell the story of our fellowship's most desperate hour.  They are shotdown, they survived and now they are behind enemy lines.  Are they in a lush field in England? Rural France? or is our fellowship desperately avoiding capture from the Soviets somewhere on the Eastern Front?

Foundry Miniatures Downed German Aircrew
Foundry Pack WW2018 Downed German Aircrew

28mm German Aircrew Luftwaffe
The Officers

28mm Luftwaffe Miniatures

Luftwaffe aircrew
The wounded

Luftwaffe miniatures
The Airmen

28mm German Aircrew WW2