Sunday, 17 June 2018

Preparing for a Frostgrave Campaign

For those of you who have been following along on twitter, I have been busy with Frostgrave lately.  These are my latest offerings.  Two Soldiers Painted up for a future Warband, Three more Cultists completed, Three 3D Printed Treasure tokens and a piece of CD Terrain with 3D Printed trees.

More CD Terrain is in the works and I am printing off a load of ruins to make up a table! It's all happening.

I have a bit of a Frostgrave bug at the moment!

Stay tuned for more.

Frostgrave Soldiers Cultists Plastic
A Frostgrave Soldier and a Cultist square up over lots of treasure

Frostgrave Soldiers
Two Plastic Frostgrave Soldiers - Excellent Miniatures

Frostgrave Cultists
Three Plastic Frostgrave Cultists - I like them nice and bright

CD Terrain Frostgrave Terrain
CD Terrain - A great way to use technology from yester-year.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Games Workshop Skeleton Regiment - Old School Skeletons

I am quite critical of Games Workshop, especially with Age of Sigmar... but more of this later.

A very good friend of mine parted with some of his Old School Games Workshop Skeletons and handed them on to me as they were unlikely to ever see paint.  I am a big fan of these older looking skeletons by Games Workshop.  They are big, chunky, full of character and easy to paint.  Awesome!

I just finished painting up the first 20.  I have another regiment of these chaps that I will model up differently.  The way I painted them is as follows:

Prime Black
Airbrush AK701 Grau
Drybrush Ivory
Drybrush White
Army Painter Quick Shade Strong Tone
Pick out details.

Pretty simple and very effective.

Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures Skeleton Regiment
Games Workshop Skeleton Regiment.  They look great Ranked up.

Games Workshop Skeleton HQ
Command Figures, Drummer, Standard Bearer, Boss Skelly

You can come up with some great poses with these miniatures

Middle Hammer Skeletons Middlehammer

Thursday, 31 May 2018

State of my Hobby Time - May 2018

I thought I would write a quick ramble post of where things are at as of 31 May 2018.

On the right (web version) of the blog you will see a table for Miniatures received and Miniatures painted for this calendar year.  I have now received well over 1200 figures this year which contrasts extremely with only painting nearly 200 miniatures this year.  Saying that I have the finishing touches to go on 16 more miniatures.  My aim is to get to 500 painted miniatures by the end of this year.

Lets review my goals set out in January this year.

  • Project Waterloo
  • 28mm Napoloenics in other Campaigns
  • Expanding on all my current WW2 Armies in 28mm
  • Expanding my neglected WW2 Project in 20mm
  • Painting more boardgame minis
  • Reduce my horde of figures
  • Terrain terrain terrain! Something I need more of
  • paint more minis, paint lots of minis, paint more minis

Now lets break this down...

Project Waterloo

Breaks have been put on this one like most of my projects however it is far from neglected.  I am actually assembling some British Line Infantry.  I am also putting some finishing touches on the sand pit from the Warlord Games La Haye Sainte Box Set.  

28mm Napoleonics in other Campaigns

Most keen to get some more Austrians done and I also want to do up some British Sailors so I can have some troops for the Peninsula Campaign.

Expanding on all my current WW2 Armies in 28mm

I have painted a few Poles and Winter Germans.  I plan on painting more of these and also returning to my DAK project as they make their tabletop debut this weekend!  I also want to paint up some more Fallschirmjager.

Expanding my neglected WW2 Project in 20mm

This is happening... proof...

Painting more boardgame miniatures

I have painted a boatload of Zombicide figures.  I want to paint more and more as I have this horrible OCD that I can not play with unpainted figures!

Reduce My Horde of Figures

OK lets address the elephant in the room... now the reason why I am well over 1200 miniatures acquired for this year is 2 things... First things first Kickstarters.  Zombicide Green Horde had a lot of figures for it! It was a brilliant kickstarter and tremendous value for money.  I also have a Song of Ice and Fire kickstarter arriving in August and no more for the year (very proud of myself).  Also dont forget I got a boatload of Napoleonic Figures from Warlord Games at an incredible deal back in February!

Secondly I have a couple of secret projects on the go that I have already painted some figures for yet I haven't published any pictures of them yet on any social media platform.  I want to commit to the project and show case some stuff to generate more interest and show a return on my investment. Stay tuned.

Terrain terrain terrain! Something I need more of and paint more minis, paint lots of minis, paint more minis

I merged these two goals together.

I am currently 3D printing terrain nearly everyday for my projects.  July is going to be a huge month for me. I will have my first bit of leave from work for the year and a much deserved rest.  Usually I go to the UK at this time of year however only the Mrs is going this time so that gives me the whole house to myself!  This is going to be great as I am going to have a horrible and busy June at work and I just want it over and wish to reward myself with hobby!

In July I am going to turn the house into a hobby workshop and try and smash out lots of terrain and painted figures.  My 3D printer will be running nearly 24/7!

A new Short Term Goal

I really want to get playing Frostgrave and I know some people that are keen too.  I am currently 3D printing and painting up some terrain for it and just need to paint a few more figures for it.  I want to get some terrain finished so I can fill a 3 x 3 table.  Lets hope I get this done!

So thanks for tuning in and as always, big big big plans are ahead and I am glad I am actually getting things done.


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Zombicide Wulfsburg Zombie Wolfz and Wolfbomination

I have just finished painting up the Zombie Wolfz and Wolfbomination from the Zombicide Black Plague Expansion Wulfsburg. 

This was a pretty quick and rushed paint job.  Basically I base coated, drybrushed, quick shaded then picked out a few details and finished.

I figured this paint job is worthy of models that most likely get taken off the table as quickly as they are placed on the table.

I need to paint the 4 survivors for this expansion and will do them soon and then the expansion is 100% painted.

Thanks for looking... stay tuned.
Zombie Wolfz and the Wolfbomination 


The Zombie Wolfz

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Haus Balkenkreuz ready for Action

I finally got around to finishing Haus Balkenkreuz for 15mm Fantasy.  These miniatures are from Ral Partha and are part of their Demonworld Range.

I used tiny Balkenkreuz Decals for their shields. 

These guys will be used in a variety of games from Dungeon Crawls to something secret I am working on muhaha.

I plan on doing a few more 15mm Fantasy Warbands

15mm fantasy miniatures Empire
Haus Balkenkreuz.  15mm Empire Miniatures by Ral Partha Demonworld Range

15mm Fantasy Command
You must point to things if you are in Command.  The Command team.

Spears or Pikeman

Ranged Support

Ranked up they look great

Their Shields with their Balkenkreuz displayed.

Haus Balkenkreuz Takes on a Giant 28mm Skeleton

Monday, 7 May 2018

First Six 95th Rifles

Finally a post for some historical stuff!

I have been slowly chipping away at my Waterloo Project and have just recently finished the first six 95th Riflemen from Brigade Games.  These are excellent sculpts by the talented Paul Hicks and have recently been released from Brigade Games.

I have used some variations in the green uniforms using Vallejo Black Green, Gunship Green, a combination of both and adding some black into the mix.  I highly doubt early 19th Century Soldiers had the chance to replace their uniforms, let alone wash them.

They are based on my own designed 3D printed bases and are magnatised. 

Brigade Games 95th Rifles
28mm Miniatures - 95th Rifles by Brigade Games

28mm 95th Rifles
Riflemen Take Aim

95th Riflemen Miniatures
I wanted some variation in their uniforms

Brigade Games Napoleonic Miniatures
Different shades of green

Sharpe Approved!

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

I have finished painting my Witch and Apprentice for Frostgrave.  These would have to be my two favorite models in the Frostgrave Range.  I can't wait to try these guys out with their unique set of spells.

The models are based on metal washes and I use a variety of basing products including, Wilder Snow Effects, Games Workshop Valhallan Blizzard and Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow.

I decided just to copy the paint scheme that is used officially by Frostgrave as it looks awesome, especially the face paint.  I really enjoyed painting these two miniatures.

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
Painted Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
The Apprentice 

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
The Witch

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice