Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Zombicide Season 1 Campaign - Boomtown 04

Mission 04 Doomsday Clock

This would be, hands down, without a doubt the hardest game of Zombicide I have ever played.  The scenario alone takes 240 minutes and is rated hard!

I did it in 3 hours and somehow, somehow, somehow, by the skin of my teeth survived!

I lost Phil to the horde and he became a Zombivore and kicked some butt.  You have to collect all the objectives on the board and each time the Zombies get an extra activation you have a countdown from 10 to 0.  You can spend food and water to gain back part of the timer.

3 of my Survivors were all in the red activation given how hard this scenario was and the red spawn was a killer, thankfully I had all the objectives and raced to the exit!

...stupidly hard

The table all set up, the board is huge!

I am getting good at spawning Abominations early on

Luckily I had geared up and dispatched him quickly

... and naturally another one spawns

Phil falls and comes back as a Zombivore

I nearly lost the game here, Wanda took a beating

Wanda was down to 4 wounds and had dropped all her equipment but was rescued
by the other survivors

Josh couldnt hit anything but Doug was sniping like a boss.  These two are the only
in the Campaign not to turn to a Zombivore

Amy was max level and I took the Medic ability and restored some much needed wounds before
fleeing to the exit
Well what a game, it was so hard it was almost enjoyable! I see now why a lot of people have sold their Season 1 of Zombicide and the game gets not much play considering how good Black Plague is.

If I survive this campaign, I am going to take a nice long break from Season 1 and play the crap out of Black Plague and Green Horde... 3 missions to go, until next time!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Gangs of Rome

I recently bought into Gangs of Rome.  I figured I would rather paint up enough figures for a Gang as opposed to painting up one figure at a time.

The figures are based on the official resin bases from the Gangs of Rome webstore.

The bases were initially primed grey, then sprayed with Dulux Granite effect, washed and highlighted.

I even got or pro-like and painted the models on a stick before transferring them to their bases.

I have big plans for this game and am currently 3D Printing some terrain.

Gangs of Rome Resin Bases
The first 6 Gang Members for Gangs of Rome. Based on Gangs of Rome Resin Bases.

How it all began... must glue on sticks


Gangs of Rome Tisiphone
Gangs of Rome Tisiphone

Gangs of Rome Fighter Sextus
Gangs of Rome Fighter Sextus

Gangs of Rome Fighter Quartus
Gangs of Rome Fighter Quartus

Gangs of Rome Fighter Octavus
Gangs of Rome Fighter Octavus

Gangs of Rome Fighter Secundus
Gangs of Rome Fighter Secundus

Gangs of Rome Fighter Decimus
Gangs of Rome Fighter Decimus

Friday, 6 April 2018

Zombicide Season 1 Campaign - Boomtown 03

Mission 03 Cornered Beasts

This mission was significantly quicker and easier than Mission 02.  

The objective was simple, escape.  You need to collect the Green Objective to open the Green Door, and the Blue Objective to open the Blue Door.  Once the Blue Objective is found the Blue Spawn Zone triggers.  Luckily for me the Blue Zone triggered last and it was an easy rush to the exit.

Only one survivor turned to a Zombivore this round and that was Ned.

The Setup

Very very very first spawn of the game, an Abomination!

I got way over confident at the start, I had no equipment and terrible dice rolls.
Ned takes a hit for the team and dies instantly to a fatty and comes
back as a Zombivore

I could use the Police car as a bomb but through pure luck I managed to search
for the components needed for a Molotov Cocktail, I had the Police car
as back up

I lured the Abomination to Josh and lit him up!

From there on in it was pretty easy, I managed my threat level and ensured
Josh remained 1 XP off Orange Alert.

Green door Key

The final objective was the blue key and it could not of been in a more
better location.  It was an easy charge to the end.

Victory is mine! All survivors are full health and only Ned Turned.

Until next time... Mission 04 is a massive one and is estimated to take 4 hours! Might play over 2 sessions!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Zombicide Season 1 Campaign - Boomtown 02

Mission 02 Doug's Secret Cashes

...carrying on from Part 1 here 

So with my newly painted Zombivores it was time to get into Mission 2 of my Boomtown Campaign.  For a mission rated "medium" it was very tough indeed! Oh and Zombivores are awesome and much needed!

Objective - simple... collect all the X marked objectives and carry them to the exit zone.  They are bombs and take up 1 inventory slot.  The Abomination does not spawn, instead he is the blue objective which will be revealed each time I flip a red objective.

Table set up and ready to rock

Split the forces up, south force was to gear up whilst the top force was to level up

Top force draws the crowd

Amy gets surrounded

Wanda zooms in to help Amy

Meanwhile Josh loots some Gasoline.  In this scenario there is only one Abomination
who is hidden among one of the objectives. I needed to prepare for the eventual
revealing of the Abomination

Things looking grim for the girls

Josh collects the lighter to make a molotv :) I can now collect the objectives
knowing I can kill the abomination.

Amy and Wanda Fall! Phil can't save them!

First time I have ever played with a Zombivore, Amy gets back up, this time with
5 wounds as a Zombivore

Wanda and her chainsaw resurrect as a Zombivore

The zombi girls make swift work of anything that gets in their path

Getting ready to take an objective

Wanda gets a molotov, thats 2 now!

Amy kills so many zombies she races to red level! insane spawning begins!

This is not looking good! Zombies Everywhere!

The girls clear the path making my way to the final two objectives... Abomination
yet to be revealed!

Amy needed to step up with her chainsaw, this is the roll! I needed
5+ to kill! Boom!

Clearing the final building.  The first objective reveals nothing.

...and of course the final objective in the game is the blue token, revealing the
Abomination! Lucky Josh was there with his Molotov! Boom!

Every character is now in the red level, spawning is getting insane, I got to fight
the horde off then time my run to the finish

A very very tense moment.  Josh was armed with a sniper rifle and picked off
some Fatties that needed to die as I feared the "extra activation" mechanic
if I ran out of models for them.  Meanwhile look at those runners piling in.

Breathing space! Time to run!

The heroes run to the exit.  Wanda nearly dies just below them, silly move but through
sheer luck she survives!

We made it! Amy and Wanda fell but will join us in mission 3 as Zombivores!

Well what a game! It nearly took 4 hours! It was absolutely epic.  Zombivores are so powerful with their 5 wounds as opposed to 2 wounds that normal survivors have.  I really have the feeling all my characters are going to end up as Zombivores if I am to win this campaign.  For a "medium" game this was damn tough!

See you for mission 3!