Sunday, 30 July 2017

Day 70 of 100 Days of Hobby Update and the run to the finish

So we are into the final 30 days of 100 Days of Hobby! Really going to try and step up now and push for the finish and try and achieve more!

Some highlights of the last 10 days.  Don't forget there is far more information and pictures on twitter.

Day 61 - Test Bocage Piece

Day 62 - Commenced highlighting the paras

Day 63 - Face painting

Day 64 - More highlights for the Paras

Day 65 - A cat among the pigeons! miniatures! Luckily nothing damaged

Day 66 - 20mm Panzer Lehr by Wartime Minis getting prepped

Day 67 - Some Paras ready for priming

Day 68 - Final touches for the skellies

Day 69 - Some Black priming.  The walls are for 15mm dungeon crawling

Day 70 - Calling the skellies done! Will add some transfers

As per my initial post on what I wished to achieve this is what I am going to push for whilst working on other things on the side to maintain interest and motivation:

  • Finish a basic DAK platoon for battlegroup ruleset
  • Finish a basic Blitzkrieg German platoon for battlegroup ruleset 
  • Complete Zombicide Season 1 boxset
  • Bolt Action solo play - develop scenarios and play test
I am pretty much there with some of the above but this next 30 days is great motivation to get it done!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 60 Update of 100 Days of Hobby

To be fair, I wanted to go to bed tonight after a long long long day at work... but hey... its 100 days of Hobby!!! This is only a snippet of what I have been up to.  More pics on my twitter at the bottom of this post.

Day 51 - Making things pretty! Fall Weiss!

Day 52 - Lets get these guys built

Day 53 - Offensive Miniatures US Para test paint begins

Day 54 - Washed

Day 55 - Finished Walking Dead Camp Set

Day 56 - Just need some matt varnish

Day 57 - Photo shoot and happy with paint job

Day 58 - Built a halftrack, prepped some more Paras

Day 59 - Bocage test piece for 28 and 20mm - also 15mm skeletons

Day 60 - Blocking the paras in.
Stay tuned for more.  Not following my twitter yet? Tones more photos there and better updates!

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Jumping In

I have had my collection of Offensive Miniatures US Paratroopers for quite some time now and have been meaning to get some paint on them.  I have finally bit the bullet and done a quick test figure.  All I can say is that Offensive Miniatures are exceptionally good.  In my opinion they are the best 28mm Miniatures for US Airborne Paratroopers with a D-Day theme.  The detail is amazing and they are going to look epic on the table.  I must say, Airborne forces are my thing at the moment!

Offensive Miniatures 28mm US Paratrooper
Offensive Miniatures 28mm D-Day Paratrooper

28mm 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles
The Decal is from Warlord Games. 
Paints Used (All Valejo)

Uniform: Middlestone
Patches/Helmet: US Dark Green
Webbing/Equipment: German Cam Beige 
Boots/Rifle: Flat Brown
Helmet Straps: German Cam Medium Brown

My Plans

These guys will be used for D-Day/Operation Overlord Themed Games.  I am particularly fond of the jump uniform they wore on D-Day.  Not a fan of the later uniform, especially in 28mm as I feel the Warlord Late War US Airborne plastics just don't look right.  

I will not be doing E Company 506th PIR.  Its been done to death, I might do D company lol.  Not really sure what the theme will be but maybe just some generic 101st Airborne Paratroopers.  

Lets see how this project goes.  Follow along for more good Paratrooper goodness.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Day 50 Update of 100 Days of Hobby

Half way there!!!

A good 10 days.  Lets look at some of the highlights.

Day 41 - Printed a 28mm Windmill for Bryan!

Day 41 - Blocked in some Germans

Day 42 - Played some Kings of War with Chris, Bryan and Zane, great fun!

Day 43 - 3D Printed a walking dead campsite

Day 44 - Started painting some faces

Day 45 - Painted some eyes and started on the flesh tones

Day 46 - Faces and flesh done!

Day 47 - Finished the paint job

Day 47 - Started putting colours on the campsite

Day 47 - 15mm Dungeon Crawl figures arrive! Brilliant miniatures from Rap Partha

Day 48 - Trees!

Day 48 - and some 20mm Tanks!

Day 49 - Hosted an invasion of Poland.  Great fun and introduced 2 people to BA

Day 50 - Hobby Room Reorganising

This is just some of the highlights from the past 10 days.  Make sure to check out my twitter for more pictures and info of what I have been upto!

Saturday, 8 July 2017

BTD Miniatures MG34 on the Move and Some NCOs

I needed a break from painting some DAK so I decided to paint some of the awesome BTD (Black Tree Designs). Miniatures Blitzkrieg Germans.  I needed a couple more MG34s to invade Poland and these were perfect for the job.  I also needed a few more NCOs to lead my squads into the Polish Corridor.

I am really impressed with BTD Miniatures, they are full of detail and some great poses are in there.Sometimes the proportions are a little off.  I am particularly fond of the good chap carrying an MG34 over his shoulder with some ammunition.

Interestingly enough I think these miniatures were originally Harlequin Miniatures until BTD inherited them.

BTD Miniatures MG34 Painted 28mm German Blitzkrieg
My favourite BTD sculpt.  Blitzkrieg German MG34 Gunner

BTD Miniatures Germans 28mm German Infantry
Hastened paint job to get them on the table.

28mm MG34 Team
Wonderful sculpts

Some NCOs who can also double as officers