Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wartime Miniatures 20mm Panzer Lehr

This article is not a review, just a little write up about my latest painting exploits.  I had been sitting on these guys a while and after finishing them I really wish I hadn't.  Wartime Miniatures an Australian based company has produced some lovely 20mm Panzer Lehr.  For $16.50 Aussie you get 11 figures which is great value.  As an Aussie, this is awesome and something I am happy to support.  I have only painted 10 up so far and am yet to do the Halftrack Gunner.  If you know me and have been following the blog, you know I have a very strong admiration of the Panzer Lehr.  They were one of Germany's best and their story is both triumphant and tragic.

This is the second lot of figures I have painted in 20mm and the first Wartime Miniatures I have painted.  I was most impressed.  I currently have the Adler range on my bench and have some of the new Elhiem figures enroute.  I will post some comparison pics at a later date.

These miniatures are for my 20mm Normandy themed battles.  I will predominantly play Ironfist Publishing's Battlegroup ruleset with them however Bolt Action may get a looking into as I will have opposing forces for my mates.

20mm Panzer Lehr Wartime Miniatures
Wartime Miniatures 20mm Panzer Lehr

Panzer Lehr Miniatures
Three of my favorites. Throwing a grenade, MG42 and Panzerfaust

20mm WW2 Miniatures German Panzer Lehr
A nice variety of poses

20mm WW2 Germans
I dabbed the helmets with a sponge

German Throwing Grenade
A great sculpt this on

20mm Panzer Lehr German Panzerfaust
Probably my favorite.  But is it a left handed Panzerfaust?
The following Panzer Lehr images are sourced from the internet and WW2 Colourised Photos on Facebook.

Panzer Lehr Colourised

Panzer Lehr Colourised


  1. You have done a great job painting those 20mm Germans.
    cheers John

  2. Thanks John. Hopefully we can bump into each other at MOAB. I will be there hopefully Sunday, if not the Monday