Monday, 18 September 2017

Early War German Panzers

My latest offerings are some units that I wish to use in my Blitzkrieg German Forces for both Battlegroup and Bolt Action.

These Panzers will be used for the Battlegroup Scenario "Orlik's Cockroach" (page 47 Battlegroup Blitzkrieg - Iron Fist Publishing 2015).  I also intend on writing a solo scenario for Bolt Action in the way I interpret how the action went down.  This is a work in progress.

On September 18, 1939, in the Kampinoska Forest a Panzer IV Ausf B accompanied by 2 x Panzer 35Ts were ambushed by Edmund Roman Orlik in his 20mm TKS Tankette with two MMG armed TKS Tankettes.  The Panzer IV was commanded by Lieutenant Victor IV, the Duke of Ratibor.  All three Panzers were destroyed however  I will give more background to this engagement when I write the Solo Scenario regarding this in the near future.  It is a fascinating engagement.  

The Panzers were from Panzer Regiment 11, 1st Leichte Division.

The models depicted are from Warlord Games.  The Panzer IV is actually a Panzer IV Ausf D, however I can be forgiven for this.   The crew are from Warlord Games and are the early variant.

The Panzers were painted with an Airbrush using AK Interactive paints and weathering products.  The crew, stowage and details were done with Vallejo Paints.

1st Leichte Division Panzers
A Platoon from Panzer Regiment 11, 1st Leichte-Division, Poland 1939

Warlord Games Panzer 35T
Warlord Games Panzer 35ts
Warlord Games Panzer IV Ausf D

1/56 Panzer IV D

Warlord Games Panzer 4
28mm Panzer Crew from Warlord Games

The second Panzer 35T I painted up recently. I painted the IV and 35T together.

Prince Victor IV Duke of Ratibor


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