Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Ebay Trees for Wargaming - A tutorial to make them look great

In this tutorial I demonstrate how a cheap eBay Purchase can end up looking great on the Wargaming Table with only a little bit of effort.  These trees can be used for a variety of scales.  These trees are sold from China and at first look a little flimsy and rubbish however with the following steps you can make them look great!  Credit to my mate Luke who got me onto these eBay trees!

cheap wargame tree

I source my trees from ebay from a seller called 9amfree.  You don't need to buy from this seller however I have found I can get a bag of trees for extremely cheap.  Generally its well under $1 Australian Dollar per tree with free post!  If you are paying any more you aren't searching hard enough. I generally search for the size of the tree I am after eg - Wargame Tree 10cm

The bases I mount them on are from back2basix.  Again I get these off eBay with free post and current cost as of writing this article is 50 bases for $13.95! Bargain!  This is for 60mm bases.

The trees have a tendency to shed initially and will occasionally shed once I have finished with them but I have done my best to make them nice and robust and should last years with correct care.

You can trim the trees to preferred height but in this tutorial I use some tall 15cm trees.

Step 1 - Use a cheap strong Hairspray to seal the tree - Spray lots! This provides durability to the foliage on the tree and will reduce shedding.  I use this brand, cheap and strong.  Once dry remove mold lines with a knife.

Step 2  - I drill a hole in base - I use liquid nails to glue it in.  The liquid nails provides stability and strength.  It soaks just a little bit into the MDF however does not warp.

Step 3  - I use a cheap "Artists Acrylic" to paint the base brown

Step 4  - I use Tamiya texture paint for some dirt. Completely optional and you can substitute this for sand or any of your preferred earthy textures.  Or just skip this stage!

Step 5 - I use a light and dark flock to texture the base

Step 6 - I spray the tree with adhesive spray.  I then sprinkle on a mixture of the shedded material the trees come in, some course and fine flock.  Once dry I drench it in hairspray to seal. 

Step 7 - I add some ground scatter, clump foliage and some rocks.   I finally go over it with some Matte Varnish.  I use AK Ultimate Matte Varnish through the airbrush.

Some examples of other trees I have made.  Pretty.

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