Friday, 1 September 2017

100 Days of Hobby Debrief and Thoughts on Hobby Challenges

So its over! I did it... I didn't think I would but I did.  The best thing is I did not miss a single Day!  I did not complete all my goals but am stoked with what I achieved and I have definitely put a dent in my "to do".

See twitter for all my daily progress 

This is what was painted and completed


Miniatures Painted 74 (Not including Vehicle crews)
7 x 20mm WW2 Brits
12 x 15mm Fantasy Skeletons
1 x 15mm Fantasy Hero
15 x 28mm DAK Infantry
5 x 28mm Blitzkrieg Germans
5 x 28mm US Airborne Paratroopers
2 x Zombicide Survivors
4 x Zombicide Fatties
8 x Zombicide Runners
15 x Zombicide Zombies

Vehicles Painted 9
3 x 1/72 Sherman Fireflys
2 x 1/56 DAK Trucks
3 x 1/56 DAK Panzer IIs
1 x 1/56 Polish 7TP

Walking Dead Campsite
20mm WW2 Garage
28mm WW2 Polish Village Dwelling
15mm Fantasy Dungeon Tiles

Started Projects But Not Complete - Assembled and have paint on them at least!

4 x Zombicide Survivors - 1 completed after the challenge
1 x Zombicide Abomination - completed after the challenge
5 x 28mm Polish Infantry
8 x 28mm German Blitzkrieg Infantry
5 x 28mm US Airborne Paratroopers
10 x 20mm Panzer Lehr Infantry
1 x 28mm Winter German

2 x 1/56 German Halftrack
1 x 1/56 Panzer 35T
1 x 1/56 Panzer IVD
3 x 1/56 Polish TKS

Countless 15mm 3d Printed Dungeon Tiles and accessories
4 x 20mm 3D printed Normandy Buildings
7 x 1/56 3D printed trench sections
12 x Trees
3 x 1/56 3D printed wall sections
4 x Bocage Pieces for 20mm and 28mm
1 x Faded Skyline backdrop

Games Played

4 x Bolt Action
5 x Bolt Action Solo
3 x Walking Dead All out War Solo
1 x Sword and Sorcery Solo
1 x Kings of War
1 x Age of Sigmar


Development of my Bolt Action Solo Play and my first scenario
Countless reorganisation of hobby room
Not too many things ordered
A little excess sold off
20 Blog Posts!
100 + Twitter Posts
And lots of other stuff!

Put a good dent in the DAK

28mm WW2 Goodness

First foray into 20mm

...and first foray into 15mm!

A horde of Zombicide and two survivors


Looking at the above, I am rather impressed at what I achieved.  To be honest I did not think I could of achieved this much and to not miss a day.

I work a 48 hour week, have a family, I pay a mortgage and have countless things to do in my day.  The key is just do a bit at a time.  Some days I only did about 10 minutes, some days I did a good 3 hour session.  It all adds up.  

The hardest part of the hobby in my opinion is getting started and settled into a hobby session.  What do I mean by this?  Lets put it into context and without full disclosure I used to be part of a small niche group in the military that had a very specialist role. It was physically enduring and mentally challenging but you would be surprised at what I found to be the hardest part of my day... putting my shoes on.  This went back to the days where I trained.  The hardest part of doing PT was putting my shoes on, it was the last barrier between laziness and a workout.  The hardest part of course was putting my shoes on as the next part would mean up to 20 hours of training in a day!  The hardest part overseas was putting my shoes on as I knew another patrol awaited me... My point.  Put paint on your brush and get painting! Once you get over that barrier of putting paint on brush or opening the bottle of glue, or filing a mold line the rest will come and after 10 minutes or 3 hours you will have achieved something!  How many times have we thought... "oh just one more youtube video".  Just get started, push through that barrier of procrastination or putting it off and make it happen!

Hobby Challenges Are a Good Thing

No matter how big or small a challenge nothing is more rewarding than completing it.  Some people do a 30 day challenge, a weekly challenge or a daily challenge.  Find something that you can set out to achieve and challenge yourself.  My advice would be set a small achievable goal, that way you can't fail! If you fall short, don't see it as a bad thing, learn from it and move on, have another go.

The strange thing is I have not missed a day of hobby since completing this challenge.  I am at the prime of my hobby I believe and I have already painted a few more figures since completing this a few days ago!  I am motivated for more!

I already have my next Hobby Challenge in mind! Its not quite as intense as 100 Days of Hobby but its something that again will put a good dent in the stash and get some results! Its something I have just been putting off and procrastinating over.  I will reveal all in the next few days!  Oh and there is no time limit on this one, its all about getting it done!

Final Thoughts

So thanks for following this and showing support.  Its been a great 100 Days.  I would love to do this again sometime soon!  Now get some paint on your brush!