Sunday, 30 July 2017

Day 70 of 100 Days of Hobby Update and the run to the finish

So we are into the final 30 days of 100 Days of Hobby! Really going to try and step up now and push for the finish and try and achieve more!

Some highlights of the last 10 days.  Don't forget there is far more information and pictures on twitter.

Day 61 - Test Bocage Piece

Day 62 - Commenced highlighting the paras

Day 63 - Face painting

Day 64 - More highlights for the Paras

Day 65 - A cat among the pigeons! miniatures! Luckily nothing damaged

Day 66 - 20mm Panzer Lehr by Wartime Minis getting prepped

Day 67 - Some Paras ready for priming

Day 68 - Final touches for the skellies

Day 69 - Some Black priming.  The walls are for 15mm dungeon crawling

Day 70 - Calling the skellies done! Will add some transfers

As per my initial post on what I wished to achieve this is what I am going to push for whilst working on other things on the side to maintain interest and motivation:

  • Finish a basic DAK platoon for battlegroup ruleset
  • Finish a basic Blitzkrieg German platoon for battlegroup ruleset 
  • Complete Zombicide Season 1 boxset
  • Bolt Action solo play - develop scenarios and play test
I am pretty much there with some of the above but this next 30 days is great motivation to get it done!

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