Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Day 60 Update of 100 Days of Hobby

To be fair, I wanted to go to bed tonight after a long long long day at work... but hey... its 100 days of Hobby!!! This is only a snippet of what I have been up to.  More pics on my twitter at the bottom of this post.

Day 51 - Making things pretty! Fall Weiss!

Day 52 - Lets get these guys built

Day 53 - Offensive Miniatures US Para test paint begins

Day 54 - Washed

Day 55 - Finished Walking Dead Camp Set

Day 56 - Just need some matt varnish

Day 57 - Photo shoot and happy with paint job

Day 58 - Built a halftrack, prepped some more Paras

Day 59 - Bocage test piece for 28 and 20mm - also 15mm skeletons

Day 60 - Blocking the paras in.
Stay tuned for more.  Not following my twitter yet? Tones more photos there and better updates!