Sunday, 9 July 2017

Day 50 Update of 100 Days of Hobby

Half way there!!!

A good 10 days.  Lets look at some of the highlights.

Day 41 - Printed a 28mm Windmill for Bryan!

Day 41 - Blocked in some Germans

Day 42 - Played some Kings of War with Chris, Bryan and Zane, great fun!

Day 43 - 3D Printed a walking dead campsite

Day 44 - Started painting some faces

Day 45 - Painted some eyes and started on the flesh tones

Day 46 - Faces and flesh done!

Day 47 - Finished the paint job

Day 47 - Started putting colours on the campsite

Day 47 - 15mm Dungeon Crawl figures arrive! Brilliant miniatures from Rap Partha

Day 48 - Trees!

Day 48 - and some 20mm Tanks!

Day 49 - Hosted an invasion of Poland.  Great fun and introduced 2 people to BA

Day 50 - Hobby Room Reorganising

This is just some of the highlights from the past 10 days.  Make sure to check out my twitter for more pictures and info of what I have been upto!