Saturday, 8 July 2017

BTD Miniatures MG34 on the Move and Some NCOs

I needed a break from painting some DAK so I decided to paint some of the awesome BTD (Black Tree Designs). Miniatures Blitzkrieg Germans.  I needed a couple more MG34s to invade Poland and these were perfect for the job.  I also needed a few more NCOs to lead my squads into the Polish Corridor.

I am really impressed with BTD Miniatures, they are full of detail and some great poses are in there.Sometimes the proportions are a little off.  I am particularly fond of the good chap carrying an MG34 over his shoulder with some ammunition.

Interestingly enough I think these miniatures were originally Harlequin Miniatures until BTD inherited them.

BTD Miniatures MG34 Painted 28mm German Blitzkrieg
My favourite BTD sculpt.  Blitzkrieg German MG34 Gunner

BTD Miniatures Germans 28mm German Infantry
Hastened paint job to get them on the table.

28mm MG34 Team
Wonderful sculpts

Some NCOs who can also double as officers

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