Tuesday, 6 June 2017

7 Ton Polish

Probably the best tank in the Polish Arsenal in the Second World War was the 7-Ton Polish or commonly known as 7TP.

This tank was of Polish Design based on the compilation of several foreign licenses.  The first 7TP tanks rolled out in 1935 and by 1939 it was a decent match for German Light Tanks.

The 7TP is armed with a 37mm Bofors gun and a 7.92wz.30 machine gun.

It is a great and welcomed option in any Polish force.

The model displayed here is the 1/56 Warlord Games 7TP with Polish Tank Crewman.

1/56 7tp
1/56 Warlord Games Polish 7TP with Polish Tank Crew

Polish 7tp

warlord games 28mm 7TP

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