Monday, 19 June 2017

Day 30 update of 100 Days of Hobby

Well what an interesting 10 days.  I came out with a flying start however I really dropped off the pace in the last few days due to long hours at work, lack of sleep and being fatigued.

Saying this I have stuck it out and still managed to achieve a little bit each day.  The last couple of days I only did maybe 15-20 minutes a day but that's all I could do.  I am a little disappointed I haven't finished the DAK troops and the Panzer 2s but I will push to get these done before the next update.

I did get the AB figures finished so that was a win in my books. Time to get some more.

Day 21 - AB Test Figures

Day 22 - Rest of AB figures blocked and washed

Day 23 - Panzer 2s Washed

Day 24 - AB Figures complete and a 3D Printed Garage Painted

Day 25 - Photo Shoot

Day 25 - Panzer 2s Chipped

Day 26 - Primed 3D printed House, blocked in some colours

Day 27 - More Blocking

Day 27 - More Blocking

Day 28 - and more Blocking

Day 29 - Blocking complete!

Day 30 - Army Painter strong tone added

Looking back I kind of have achieved a bit, not as much as I wanted to.  The next 10 days are going to be more of a push! Stay tuned.

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