Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Day 10 update of 100 Days of Hobby

Big update!!! So here we go...

Face lift

I have given the blog a face lift and this just looks nicer

New Phone

I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S8 and it is awesome, takes great photos too!

Days 0 - 10 of 100 Days of Hobby!

Day 0 - I wanted a jump start! Primed some trucks.

Day 1 - Modulation done to the Perry Trucks

Day 1 - Sold some DAK as I have converted to Offensive/Perry Miniatures

Day 2 - Blocked in some Crew

Day 2 - Sea Lion Arrived with some other goodness

Day 3 - Strong tone ink on the Perry Miniatures Crew

Day 4 - Care package arrives! Did some highlights to truck crew

Day 5 - Truck Crew finished!

Day 6 - Truck Crew varnished, trucks chipped and base coated 7TP

Day 7 - Washed trucks, filter applied to 7TP, based up some DAK

Day 8 - 7TP gloss coated, DAK infantry given grout to bases

Day 9 - 7TP Washed, DAK Base Coated, trucks just about finished

Day 9 - 7TP starting to look the business

Day 10 - Perry Miniatures DAK Trucks Finished!

1/56 Opel Blitz 28mm Opel Blitz

Day 10 - The Pot Hole Lookout for the trucks, will model him on later

An Original Prusa i3 MK2S arrives at Lefthanded Panzerfaust HQ
Printed a well in 28mm

The well cleaned up nice next to a 28mm Warlord Plastic FJ

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  1. Be watching how the 3D Gig goes mate, dam looking very DAKKY . Nice work as usual.