Friday, 9 June 2017

Day 20 update of 100 Days of Hobby

Here we go!

I didn't think I got much done this last 10 days but looking back I am most pleased! I have been smacked with a cold that has slowed me down a bit!

Day 11 - DAK Panzer 2s primed, built a 4Ground Polish Dwelling in MDF - Not a Fan!

Day 11 - Printed a 20mm Garage

Day 12 - Scaling it down with PSC Sherman Firefly 1/72

Day 13 - Pre-shaded the DAK Panzer 2s

Day 13 - Magnatised the 20mm Garage Roof

Day 13 - and primed it!

Day 13 - Great resource arrived in the post!

Day 14 - Washed the tracks of the 7TP, blocked in the crew and washed him

Day 15 - Crewman Finished and rust streaks added

Day 16 - 7TP finished! DAK Troops started blocking in... AB figures arrive!!

4ground polish dwelling
Day 16 - Did the white glue trick to the Polish dwelling.  I dont like MDF!

Day 17 - Primed my AB figures

Day 17 - Printed a 3D garage, STL file was corrupt, will fix this up to save plastic

Day 18 - More printing

Day 18 - More DAK blocking, Panzer 2s based and modulated, AB figures blocked in

Day 18 - Muskets and Tomahawks arrives

Day 19 - Printed a roof for my Garage, getting good at this

Day 19 - AK interactive DAK filter applied

Day 20 - Started weathering the garage annex

Day 20 - Decals added to Panzers 2s! (1st Company Pz Reg 8, 15 Pz Division)

20mm miniature eyes
Day 20 - AB Brit WIP... who said you can't paint eyes in 20mm!

And there you have it! Good progress so far, makes me think I am going to achieve a fair bit after 100 Days!

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