Saturday, 20 May 2017

100 Days of Hobby

I want to put a big dent in all my hobby goodness.  I thought of a few ways I could do this, eg set a pledge, make some small achievable goals etc or I could just go out and set a big challenge!  I was inspired by the sculptor Tom Mason's recently completed 100 Days of Making Minis YouTube series.  I have a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S8 to capture all the beautiful pictures.

So why 100 Days?

You have probably heard of, 100 Days of Happiness, 100 Days of Eating well, 100 Days of fitness, 100 days of whatever, well I'm doing 100 Days of Hobby! Am I mad??? Probably!  100 Days is a nice even number that I can update in 10 day intervals!

I have come up with a few rules and regulations for my challenge.

What constitutes Hobby Time?

In order from most desirable to least desirable 
  • Painting Models
  • Building Models
  • Preparing Models
  • Playing Games
  • Blogging/Content Creation
  • Organising/rearranging/cleaning Hobby Room
  • Buying Selling Models
  • Reading one of my tangible Wargaming/hobby books
What constitutes a day of Hobby Time?
  • 1 hour + a day is most desirable
  • 10 minutes minimum due to work commitments, misadventure etc (least desirable!).
  • If a day is missed I must do 2 extra hours for each day missed in the 10 day block
How will i track progress?
  • Daily I will take notes/photograph what I do
  • I will post daily progress on twitter with the hashtag #100daysofhobby
  • This blog will be updated every 10 Days with a summary of what I have done
What do I wish to achieve?

This is entirely subject to change:
  • Finish a basic DAK platoon for battlegroup ruleset
  • Finish a basic Blitzkrieg German platoon for battlegroup ruleset 
  • Work on Poles - anything goes!
  • Complete my 6 x 4 Poland themed Table
  • Start 101st Airborne
  • Make progress on my Normandy themed Table
  • Complete Zombicide Season 1 boxset
  • Sell stuff I don't need
  • Bolt Action solo play - develop scenarios and play test
  • Play other games - I have a few miniature board games I like to play
  • Anything else goes!

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