Friday, 19 May 2017

Command and Control

The latest additions to my DAK are Offensive Miniatures EGDK 304 - 6 DAK infantry Command and Perry Miniatures GWW5 Kubelwagen and Staff Officer.  Also as a bonus, Offensive Miniatures have given me an awesome little Radio Operator as a bonus for ordering their DAK platoon deal.

EGDK304 Comes with 1 Officer, 1 Feldwebel (Sergeant), LMG and Loader, and 2 rifleman.  Of interest there is no Anti-tank rifle included.

Offensive Miniatures DAK Command EGDK304
Offensive Miniatures EGDK 304 - 6 DAK Infantry Command

Offensive Miniatures DAK Officer
Offensive Miniautures DAK Officer

Offensive Miniatures DAK LMG
LMG Team as part of the Command Squad

Offensive Miniatures DAK Command Team
DAK Feldwebel and support.

Offensive Miniatures DAK Bonus Radio Operator
Offensive Miniatures Bonus - A radio Operator

Offensive Miniatures Radio Operator
The mini will also double as a nice little objective

Offensive Miniatures Radio Operator

Offensive Miniatures Perry Miniatures Comparison
Perry Miniatures DAK Kubelwagen Staff Car

Perry Miniatures GWW5 Kubelwagen and Staff Officer
So much swagger

So what's next?

It has been a quiet month at the Panzerfaust HQ but this is all going to change.  I am going to kick off my "100 Days of Hobby" very soon.  Stay tuned for a separate post detailing this.  I am also planning on getting a new phone so expect much better photos!


  1. Nice work mate. Have to get my LRDG/SAS Force finished to take them on.

    1. for sure! Looking forward to some Desert Action!

  2. Great details, splendid figures...and I love this radio Operator's vignette, outstanding job!