Monday, 19 March 2018

Centre Company Of Coldstream Guards Complete

If only I could stick to one project, but alas I can't.  I really like variety to keep me engaged in the hobby and painting some Waterloo British Coldstream Guards gives me that variety that I crave.

I have now painted up 6 of these dashing chaps and I will refer to them as a company if going off the Warhammer Waterloo Ruleset.  Due to my basing system I use, the size of the Company can easily change and I can make it 4 men for example. 

Anyways I certainly aim to get more of these chaps painted up soon.  If you recall I painted my test figure a few weeks ago and I added these 5 lads as my final entry for the Analogue Hobbies Annual Painting Challenge.  I will do a separate debrief post on my first ever Analogue Hobbies painting challenge.

28mm Perry Miniatures Waterloo
28mm British Line Infantry by Perry Miniatures

28mm Coldstream Guards
Coldstream Guards at the Battle of Waterloo

British Line Infantry Waterloo Wargame
I can easily downsize a Company of troops to 4 models

28mm British Line Infantry 1815 Waterloo
The latest 5 additions