Thursday, 27 April 2017

The Blitzkrieg Continues

My latest offerings are a Warlord Games Panzer 2, a Warlord Games SDKFZ 222 and a Minairons Henschel Type 33 Truck all in 1/56.

The Henschel Type 33 is a big truck and scales well.  The kit is a lovely resin kit and goes together well with minimal cleanup.

The SdKFZ 222 and the Panzer 2 are based on the German early war camouflage scheme.  They are both Warlord Resins.  They will do well as they storm across Europe.

A recon SdKFZ 222

1/56 SDKFZ 222
My SdKFZ 222 - 1/56 Resin by Warlord Games

German 222 Recon

1/56 Panzer 2 Panzer II
Warlord Games Resin Panzer II

Panzer 2 II camouflage

1/56 German Blitzkrieg Truck Henschel Type 33 Minairons
Minairons Henschel Type 33 Truck

Black Tree Designs Painted Germans Blitzkrieg
With some BTD Friends and a JTFM Crew

Nearly finished my first lot of offerings...