Sunday, 30 April 2017

One Year Anniversary

Well it has been a year and I am still blogging!  

Some Stats from the first year:

Miniatures Painted: About 200 (Doesn't include board game minis)
Vehicles Painted: About 20
Terrain Made: Tonnes! Will start adding this to the blog soon!

Page Views: Over 6100+
Followers: 8
Posts: 26
Comments: 59
Most Popular Traffic Source: Facebook
Most Interesting Traffic Source: A porn site about cuckolding! WTF!
Country Viewing the most: Australia
Most Popular OS: Windows followed by Android (Yay!)
Most Popular Google Search for the page: bolt action polish army (double yay!)
Historical Evidence Found Supporting Left handed Panzerfaust Operators: 0

Overall I am pretty happy with this first year! I would like to see if I can double these stats over the next year.  The whole purpose of this blog is to document what I do within the hobby and not lose my work among facebook posts. What I have found interesting is if you punch some of the subjects I cover on this blog they are returning high in google searches and image searches :) 

Thank you to my followers and people that comment!

Polish soldier smoking swagger deal with it

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