Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Bringing in the Polish Support

It has been a busy month at the Left Handed Panzerfaust.  Much goodness updating to be done!

I am back painting some Poles and did some support options.  I also painted an anti-tank gun to use with the already painted Medium Howitzer Crew however I decided not to photograph it.

28mm Polish WW2
28mm Polish MMG Team - Warlord Games

28mm Polish Medium Machine Gun Miniature

28mm Polish WW2 Miniatures
28mm Polish Light Mortar Team - Warlord Games

28mm World War 2 Mortar

28mm Polish World War Two 2 Miniatures
Polish Anti-Tank Rifle and Marksman

28mm Polish Sniper Marksman

Currently play testing a scenario I have made for the invasion of Poland for Solo Play.

Coming soon... a swarm of pests!

Coming soon...


  1. Your polish blog is a foundation for my own army. I am also working on a k47 Polish Army using British Models

    1. Thanks Adam, I am always adding to them! K47 Polish. How interesting.