Monday, 6 February 2017

Blitzkrieg Germans

In order to recreate the battles of September 1939 I needed some (slight under-exaggeration)  Blitzkrieg Germans.  With the Black Tree Designs (BTD) 50% sales I could not resist their miniatures.  Love them or hate them I think they are pretty decent and paint up nicely.  I have a huge range of Blitzkrieg Germans to paint up from a variety of manufacturers.

I decided I needed to do two test figures.  One is a BTD Rifleman and the other is a Warlord Games German Pioneer.  I also needed a test vehicle for Panzer Grey so I assembled and painted up my Phanomen Granit H25 truck.

I plan on using these guys for more than just Poland.  They will be used for campaigns from 1939-1942.

With no pressure on me to paint an Army for an upcoming event, these will be part of many projects I have planned!

The BTD German tunic is painted with Vallejo 920 German Uniform and the Warlord tunic is painted with Vallejo 895 Gunship Green.

28mmBTDpainted Black Tree Designs Painted comparison
BTD and Warlord Games German Pioneer with H25 Truck

The view from the rear

1/56 28mm German truck Phanomen Granit H25
German Phanomen Granit H25 Truck

Black Tree Designs Painted German BTD Painted
Black Tree Designs Blitzkrieg German

28mm German Pioneer Engineer Painted
Warlord Games German Pioneer

28mm 1/56 vehicle crew driver german
The Truck Driver - Metal figure from Warlord Games