Monday, 30 January 2017

Mission Complete Poland Was Made Great Again!

If you browse through this Blog, you will see the challenge I laid out to "Make Poland Great Again".  You can see how this vision of mine has been executed and my reasons for doing so.  I wanted to prove you can take possibly one of the most unrepresentative armies in Bolt Action with rubbish national rules and take on the hard hitting forces tailored to powerful national rules and beat them.  Not to mention you have limited early war equipment at their disposal!

On the weekend of 28-29 January 2017 in the Nation's Capitol, CANCON took place.

I took my 1000pt Polish Army and set out to achieve greatness and they did just that!

28mm Polish Infantry WW2
Early War Poles... So much swagger

So how did they go?

Game 1 vs Late War Germans with a Tiger fearing Tiger 1 - Victory

Game 2 vs Late War British with double prep bombardment, Vet Firefly, Free Arty Obs - Victory

Game 3 vs Early War Partisans.  Complete level playing field and a great opponent - Victory

Game 4 vs Late War Germans with 2 x Tanks including Tiger Fear (opponent forgot rule) - Victory

Game 5 and the decider vs Late War Germans with no Tiger Fear - Draw

Out of the 54 players in the tournament I was undefeated, achieved 3rd place and won best Minor Powers General (only half a dozen or so Minor Powers).  I was also one of the only early war armies and the majority were late war usual suspects being British, German, Americans and Soviets.  On a side note I made it into the top 10 Best Painted, however 2 very lovely painted German Armies took out the award.

Note the Polish theme for the minor Powers General.  It was Poland's time!
Here is my list for those that wish to view it.  Note the lack of Special Rules.  I had only played the Poles once before the tournament so I quickly had to work out how to best play them!

bolt action 1000 pt polish list army

Project Poland is far from finished! I have so much more to paint and many options to expand the Army.

On a final note.  You don't need big fancy units with special rules to do well in Bolt Action.  I didn't need to rely on Poland's very ordinary National rules at all during the Tournament.  Any nation in Bolt Action can do well with a bit of thought, creative list writing and good Generalship.  Leave the cheese behind.


  1. Outstanding. Gives inspiration as a budding Polish Army player.

  2. Wonderful they did look and fought they did against armoured monsters

  3. Completely agreed! I've had about 10 games with my Polish and have only lost one game so far, and never drew. I think "No hope of retreat" has only come into play for me twice and never taken anything heavier than a light AT gun.

    1. Thanks my anonymous friend! I would of taken my Light AT gun however needed something long range to take on the +10 tanks with indirect fire.

  4. I play exclusively Polish and been to a few small tournaments. I took 3rd as well, best minor power and "favorite army/best painted" award - though my tourney only had around 14 guys.

    I actually run a historical style list based off the the Black Brigade fighting the Battle of Jordanow. I rarely if ever take cavalry (since they were so ridiculous in V.1), but I might start including them since they have been toned down. Love to see another Polish player out there and doing well!

    1. Forgot to add - your army looks fantastic! I hope to see more from you!

    2. Thanks for the comments Tony! At the event I was at it was great to hear people say "Polish?" when they saw my Army. Such a unique force!

    3. How did you deal with the Tiger and heavier tanks? I usually spam vickers and light AT guns and swarm them with the cheap vehicles, but you just the howitzer and light autocannon. Did you just do your best to ignore the tanks?

    4. Medium Howitzer was my go to for the big cats. I destroyed a Panzer IV with indirect fire with it. I also hit a Tiger 1 with it by indirect however could not destroy it. I just heavily pinned vehicles. I put everything on them as soon as I could. No tanks ever hit me as a result of spamming them with pins. Only armour that gave me some grief was some German Halftracks.