Tuesday, 21 February 2017

BTD Germans and adding to the Blitzkrieg...

I have pressed on with my Blitzkrieg Germans Project.  I painted up some BTD miniatures and am super impressed with the quality of their figures.  Even some of the sculpts that looks a tad awkward on the website or prior to painting come up very nicely and I am very impressed with BTD.

I have also included a Panzer 1.  I will be painting up 4 more of these plus a Panzer 1 Command Vehicle.  There is a Warlord Games Light Mortar Team and a Crusader Miniatures SS Schutzen which I will be using for 1940s campaigns.

Painted Black Tree Designs
Black Tree Designs 28mm Early War Germans

28mm Black Tree Designs Painted Miniature
NCO with a brew

28mm BTD Painted German Miniature

The NCOs together

Black Tree Designs early war German
BTD Rifleman

BTD Early War Germans
BTD Rifleman

Black Tree Designs Germans
BTD Rifleman

BTD German LMG Team Black Tree Designs
Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzer 1
Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzer 1

Blitzkrieg Miniatures 1/56 Panzer 1
Blitzkrieg Miniatures Panzer 1

BTD Miniatures next to the Panzer 1, they were tiny in the war
Warlord Games 28mm German Light Mortar Team
Bonus! Warlord Games Light Mortar Team

28mm Early War SS
Bonus! Crusader Miniatures SS Schutzen


  1. Looking great mate. My brother has the same minis. In fact they were our first 28mm minis bought 17yrs ago.

    1. Amazing! So good how they have held up for this long! Still really good sculpts in my opinion.