Wednesday, 25 January 2017

28mm World War 2 Polish Army Showcase

A couple of weeks ago I finally finished my first (yet no where near complete) Polish Army for Bolt Action.  The force is 1000 points and will be played in Australia's biggest Tournament CANCON in the nation's capital of Canberra.

I have played the Army once in a great game and a historical match up with my good friend Luke and his early war Soviets.

The following pictures do not show the complete Army, its only a small selection!  It is a combined traditional Polish Army with elements of the 10th Mechanised Brigade.

I have also used a new photography method - Goodbye black dress, hello white paper! Also, goodbye JPG, hello PNG!

This will not only be used for Bolt Action but I want to really start playing more Battlegroup which is a brilliant rule set for World War 2.  It is designed for 15mm and 20mm however we have proven it also works for glorious 28mm. Such hipsters going against what the game is designed for.

This army is far from complete, watch this space for more Polish Greatness!!! MAKE POLAND GREAT AGAIN!

Enjoy and as always feel free to comment or ask questions.

28mm Polish Poland Officer HQ Radion Operator Warlord Games
Polish HQ. Elite Officers of Poland. Soldier on far right is a radio Operator.

1/56 28mm Polish Tankette
20mm Tankette! Note how small it is!

Polish Anti Tank Rifle 28mm Miniatures Warlord Games
Anti Tank Rifle Team.  Can't play Poland without these guys.

28mm Polish ATR Anti Tank Rifle

28mm Polish Medium Mortar Team World War Two 2 WW2
Medium Mortar Team

28mm 1/56 Polish Medium Howitzer
Polish Medium Howitzer and Crew.  Spotter has the binoculars

Mad Bob Miniatures Poland Polish Howitzer
Howitzer is by Mad Bob Miniatures

28mm Polish Cavalry World War 2
Polish Cavalry armed with Lancers

Polish Cavalry Miniatures WW2 HQ
Can be used as a HQ option

28mm Warlord Games Cavalry Poland Polish Flag Banner

Polish Cavalry WW2 Colours Colors

28mm WW2 Polish Lancers

Warlord Games Bolt Action Polish Infantry
Various Polish Infantry - Warlord Games

Gorgon Studios Polish WW2 10th Mech Officer
10th Mech HQ - Awesome Sculpts by Gorgon Studios - HQ Options

28mm Polish Anti Tank Rifle Team
10th Mech Anti Tank Rifle

28mm Polish Light Mortar Miniature
10th Mech Light Mortar Team - Very iconic for Poland

Polish BAR 10th Mech Brigade 28mm
10th Mech BAR Team

28mm Gorgon Studios Poland Polish
Various 10th Mech Infantry


  1. They look really good :) what colour did you use for the uniforms? I've tried a few different colours myself but none seem right

    1. Hi Andy. I have used Vallejo 114 Green Brown, I have a painting guide on the blog here