Sunday, 1 May 2016

750 Points United States Marine Corps Army

Company of Dice is a Wargaming club that I belong to located at South Coogee Bowls Club.  They hosted their first Bolt Action Tournament known as Operation C.O.D.

I decided to play USMC.  I ordered a USMC army bundle of Warlord Games over the Christmas New Year period 2015 as a present to myself.

I wanted a unique and interesting looking army.  I wanted lots of characters and wanted to keep it historical.

The army won "The best army award" for creativity and aesthetics.  This was done by peer vote from the 22 participants (vote 1 USMC!!!).

My favorite unit is the 28mm War Dog team.  Love them!

The Prize and displayed on my shelf
28mm plasitc Warlord Games
HQ. Both miniatures are Warlord Plastics.
The assault group flamethrower
Engineer Squad.  Warlord Plastics with The Assault Group (TAG) Flame Thrower
USMC Raiders
Raider Squad.  Rules from Empires in Flames. Warlord Plastics
28mm USMC WW2
Raider Squad.  Rules from Empires in Flames. Warlord Plastics
Sniper and Observer
Sniper Team.  Warlord Plastics.
US Navy Corpsman
USN Navy Corpsman and USMC Stretcher Bearer.  Warlord Plastic and Warlord Metal.
28mm Metail USMC Mortar Squad Warlord Games
Mortar Squad Warlord Metals
28mm USMC MMG conversion medium machine gun conversion
MMG Team advancing.  Warlord Plastics.  I converted a Warlord metal .30 cal MMG into the pose.  I added Warlord Plastic Fallshirmjager and German Grenadier ammo belts and arms carrying ammo boxes.
28mm USMC War Dog Team
USMC War Dog Team.  My pride and joy.  Figures are Warlord Plastics and the dogs are from Crooked Dice.  The crooked dice dogs are a great option for 28mm War Dogs. Rules for these guys are in Empires in Flames.
Marine War Dog Doberman German Shepherd 28mm


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks mate, looking forward to documenting their eventual expansion!

  2. These are excellent. :) I've been wanting to do USMC, but frankly, the photos on Warlord's site do not show these to advantage. Your photos are great though, and they might force me to take the plunge.

    1. thanks! Take the plunge, you won't regret it, these are by far their best plastics to date.