Sunday, 1 May 2016

Bolt Action Tank War - Armoured Platoon Battle - Company of Dice Sydney

Recently my good friend Joe and I had a Bolt Action Tank War Battle at Joe's club, company of dice.

I thought we were playing 1250 points each and turned up with a Panzer Lehr platoon backed up with some German Fallshirmjager troops. Joe fielded a 1500 point US Armoured (Armored for the Americans!) platoon.  I was wondering why Joe had so many tanks!  I didn't realise he had a 1500 point list until the following day!  We went for a semi historical show down between the US 101st Airborne and the German Fallshirmjager at the Battle of Bloody Gulch, Normandy, 13 June 1944. We played the tank war scenario that comes in the Tank War supplement. It was a great game with victory going to the Germans.

The Americans Roll in!

Joe's platoon looks awesome on the table

Awesome shot of the US tanks rolling in

Here comes the Germans!

The German platoon is scouted by the infamous Pest

The Pest proceeds down a French Road

Panzer Lehr Hanomag falls to a Sherman
Stug claims his first kill, a US Halftrack
Stug claims his second kill, a M4 Sherman
Joe rolled onto the objective in the last turn but the Stug had something to say about that! The Puma followed in behind just in case!
In the end it was a great battle with some epic moments.  By far my MVP was my STUG and this video pretty much sums it up!


  1. I love that the bike & sidecar is named "The Pest", magnificent!

    1. Named after his performance at MOAB, an absolute menace of a thing to kill!