Sunday, 1 May 2016

Visit to Warlord Games Nottingham and a disappointing start into Bolt Action

In the UK Summer of 2015 I was in the UK and was in Nottingham.  I gave war lord games a call and got a good deal sorted out on the phone.  Sarah from their customer service team sorted me out.

I visited their headquarters briefly and picked up my first Bolt Action Miniatures.  I met some of the crew and had a good chat with them about Bolt Action and how big it is in Australia.

 It was a nice 30 minute walk from the train station and I got to take in some of Nottingham's sights!
 A room full of stock at Warlord HQ.
Warlord Games Mail Room
 The busy mail order room.
My first haul of BA goodness.

 Sadly when I returned to Australia I noticed some faults in the products I picked up.  I should of checked them before flying home.  The Michael Wittmann Tiger 1 was a terrible cast.  The tracks were warped and bent.
 Even after soaking in warm water and bending them back into place I needed to plus the gaps with green stuff.

 The final assembled Tiger 1.  Not very happy with it but decided to persevere with it rather than send it back.
 My German Late war Grenadiers ended up being 6 Sprues of Russians!!!
A quick email to Sarah at Warlord Games sorted it.  She sent me a brand new box of Grenadiers and 6 weapon sprues for the Russians.  Faith in Warlord restored!  I donated the Russian's as a prize for MOAB 2015.


  1. Hey mate,
    How did the Tiger end up?
    I have noticed exactly the same issues as you.
    Also, did you notice that the tracks seem slight too large in length for the tank?

  2. Sadly I can't bring myself to paint this yet due to the imperfections. In hindsight I wish I had returned it for a new one. Saying this warlord has really improved their resin casting. I agree the tracks seem a little too big. One day I will hopefully paint it but the tracks still are a little warped and the OCD in me needs to come to terms with this 😄