Thursday, 11 April 2019

April Update and reviving project Waterloo

Its been a little quite on Left Handed Panzerfaust lately but I certainly haven't been quiet!

I have painted 32 more miniatures since my last update but am yet to show them on the blog. I will show them as a completed unit.  The miniatures in question are French Light Infantry for Waterloo.  I just have 4 more characters to paint and the unit will be complete.  This is for an exciting project that will be featured in something special later this year however you will have to wait and see what this is.

I also got around to cleaning up my clutter filled hobby room!  Enjoy the before and after pictures.  My Hobby space feels so much nicer now :)

My friend and follower of the blog Paul kindly donated some 28mm Kriegsmarine Germans for me to paint.  Thanks again Paul!

Finally, I am off to Europe for a couple of weeks tomorrow night.  I will be in the UK for a week, in Germany for a weekend then back to the UK for a few days the flying back to Australia.  I will then get a minor surgery procedure so expects lots and lots of painting! We can also celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of this blog (the day I get surgery)! I intend on painting a boatload of more Napoleonics, some fantasy, moderns and anything else that tickles my fancy.




  1. My pleasure mate - enjoy your well earned break!

  2. Enjoy your holiday and look forward to seeing all the newly painted figures

  3. Awesome, Matey! Hearty congratulations on the anniversary!