Monday, 7 January 2019

20mm Taliban - The First Batch

Following on from my previous article about my 20mm Australian Platoon, its time for the Taliban.  I need an opponent afterall for my Aussies in the 'Ghan.

Elhiem Figures is perhaps the leading authority on 20mm Modern Miniatures.  The detail is insanely good and a joy to paint.  I love these figures!

The Taliban are easy to paint and the variety of colours available keep it interesting.

20mm Taliban Elhiem
Taliban in Mixed Clothing with AK-47 Rifles

Taliban Miniatures

Taliban Miniatures Elhiem Figures
Taliban With Assault Rifles

Taliban IED Miniatures
Taliban IED Scouts

A Taliban Motorbike

Taliban Motorcycle

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  1. Nice work mate. Moderns aren't my thing, but these look great!