Thursday, 30 August 2018

Frostgrave Statues or Constructs?

I quickly painted up my 72nd model for the month of August which was part of a quick 6 model speed paint for Frostgrave.  August has been a damn good month on the painting front!

I built 2 models each from the Frostgrave Barbarian, Soldiers and Ghost Archipelago kits.  I removed the pudding bases carefully and glued them to a Plastic Base.

I 3D printed some Pillars for them that they can be mounted on or detached so they can be a living Statue or a stone/concrete Medium Construct! Perfect for those Frostgrave Scenarios.  They were recently used in a Successful Frostgrave Campaign.

I quickly Painted them with the Following Recipe:
Primed Grey
Drybrushed Vallejo Light Grey
Drybrushed Vallejo White
Washed with Secret Weapon Stone Wash

Frostgrave Construct
I assembled up 2 stock soldiers from each of the above mentioned Frostgrave Kits

Stone Construct Granite Construct Frostgrave Medium Construct
I have not permanently attached them to their Pillars so they can be used in Game as a Construct or a NPC!


  1. And they were perfect for the game too - well done mate!
    And great job on the monthly painting front too :-)