Friday, 8 June 2018

Games Workshop Skeleton Regiment - Old School Skeletons

I am quite critical of Games Workshop, especially with Age of Sigmar... but more of this later.

A very good friend of mine parted with some of his Old School Games Workshop Skeletons and handed them on to me as they were unlikely to ever see paint.  I am a big fan of these older looking skeletons by Games Workshop.  They are big, chunky, full of character and easy to paint.  Awesome!

I just finished painting up the first 20.  I have another regiment of these chaps that I will model up differently.  The way I painted them is as follows:

Prime Black
Airbrush AK701 Grau
Drybrush Ivory
Drybrush White
Army Painter Quick Shade Strong Tone
Pick out details.

Pretty simple and very effective.

Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures Skeleton Regiment
Games Workshop Skeleton Regiment.  They look great Ranked up.

Games Workshop Skeleton HQ
Command Figures, Drummer, Standard Bearer, Boss Skelly

You can come up with some great poses with these miniatures

Middle Hammer Skeletons Middlehammer

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