Thursday, 17 August 2017

My Journey into 15mm Fantasy and Dungeon Crawling

Some of you are thinking... the Heresy of it!  Well I need a break from painting field grey, olive drab, and khaki.  Fantasy is something I have always had a soft spot for.  Using the technology of my 3D printer I have always wanted to do some Dungeon Crawling, the perfect excuse to jump into 15mm a scale I have never painted before!

The dungeon tiles I am using are from Printable Scenery and am using their rampage range scaled down to 60%, perfect for 15mm Dungeons.

I chose to go with the Ral Partha Demonworld Range as they have that old school 1990's feeling to them because surprisingly they are 1990's sculpts!  Oh and must paint eyes! Eyes in 15mm! 

15mm 3D Printed Dungeon
3D Printed Dungeon Tiles... yet to be weathered

15mm Fantasy Miniatures
The Heroes. Some skeleton Warriors and Sir Awesome of House Balkenkreuz

15mm Demon World Fantasy Miniatures
Sir Awesome and his skeleton enemies

Demonworld Fantasy Miniatures.  Shield transfers compliments of the 16th Panzer Division

The rule set I will be using is from 2 hour Wargames.

These rules will allow me to play solo.  In addition I can have a pre-designed dungeon or I can use the random dungeon generating mechanics the ruleset offers so no two adventures are the same.

I have to print off many more 3D tiles and paint them up until I can experiment with these rules.  Some exciting yet laborious times ahead.

So the priority is to paint up the already printed Dungeon tiles I have.  I will then need to print some more to fill in the gaps of tiles I have yet to print.  The first game I will play will be small in size to get a feel for the rules but I will be posting my experience here.

Will I expand my 15mm Fantasy from the dungeon to the table top? That would be grand! However lets stick to one thing at a time which is something I am very bad at!

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