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Bolt Action Solo Play - Case White Scenario 1

Case White and The Invasion of Poland

A Bolt Action Solo Play Series

The 1st of September 1939 is the day that marks the beginning of the Second World War with the German invasion of Poland, known as Fall Weiß or Case White in English. This is a period that is of particular interest to me as you have seen in the blog.  The Poles put up a fight and it wasn't an easy push over for the German War Machine.  

One of the most iconic images of the invasion.  German Soldiers destroy a Polish Border Checkpoint

As someone that does not get to play Bolt Action, let alone any Wargame as much as I would like, I have come up with a set of mechanics for Solo Play.  This is my interpretation only and gives an enjoyable solo experience.  What I have devised has been play tested by me and no two games have had the same outcome.  This scenario can be used by anyone and even tweaked however I request you give recognition for what I have created if published or broadcast by any means or format.  Rather than guess or determine how the battle plays out, I use a series of mechanics to give variety and unpredictability to the game.  These mechanics have been written specifically for this scenario but could perhaps be adopted to other scenarios.  

Scenario 1 - Ambush at the Farm


September 1, 1939, the German Forces have rapidly advanced into Poland.  Months in the planning and lightning fast in execution.  The Polish Lines are stretched and the Polish Army is caught off guard.  Propaganda was key for the German's to justify the invasion and unite the Ethnic Germans in Poland.  A Panzer Column has rapidly advanced and has stopped to refuel and allow the infantry forces to catch up.  A key Wehrmacht Film Maker does not wish to miss out on the action and is hastening to get to the front, however the Polish Forces have gathered a small force in between the German lines to prevent this.


Germany will be played and the Polish forces will be simulated by AI.  Bolt Action Version 2 rules to be used.

German Forces

Regular Second Lieutenant - SMG, + 1 Escort with Rifle  
Regular Heer Infantry Squad - NCO with SMG, 1 x LMG, 6 x Rifle
Regular Heer Infantry Squad - NCO with SMG, 1 x LMG, 6 x Rifle
Regular SdKFZ 222 Light Armoured Car
Regular Heavy Field Car
Regular Truck
Regular Truck
Regular VIP - Armed with Pistol, +1 escort with Rifle
8 order Dice 466 Points

Polish Forces

Regular Second Lieutenant - Rifle, + 1 Escort with Rifle 
Regular Infantry Section - NCO with Rifle, 1 x BAR, 8 x Rifle
Regular Infantry Section - NCO with Rifle, 1 x BAR, 8 x Rifle
Veteran Anti-Tank Rifle Team (ATR)
Regular Bofors 37mm Anti-tank Gun (ATG)
5 order Dice 349 Points

A Polish Veteran Anti-Tank Rifle Team well concealed in an orchard


The scenario is played on a 4 x 4 table.  There is a winding road leading to the farm with an adjacent river as demonstrated below.

4 x 4 Table - Grids are 12 x 12 inches

The table does not have to be an exact of this however you want to setup and Ambush alley for the Polish forces and a narrow field of escape for the Germans.

My interpretation of the scenario
The German Forces start off the table with the following criteria.  1 Truck must contain a Heer Infantry squad and the HQ, the other Truck contains the second Heer Infantry Squad.  The Infantry squads and HQ must arrive on the table in their transports.  The VIP is in the Heavy Field car and must arrive on the table in his transport.

The image below depicts deployment.  All Polish Forces start on the table hidden and with an Ambush Order.  The Ambush sequence will be explained later.  The ATG and ATR must face down the road towards the German deployment corner, giving it the best possible firing arc.  The ATG should utilise as much cover as possible, preferably heavy cover, likewise with the ATR.   Polish Riflemen and HQ should be deployed in Soft Cover.

The Germans deploy from the bottom left corner in the Grey section.  They must advance onto the table in their transports.  No German unit is allowed to perform a run order in turn 1.

How to set up your forces for the scenario

The German forces must survive the Ambush and protect their VIP.  The Polish Forces must destroy as many German's as possible prior to tactically withdrawing.

The Polish Forces await the German attackers


At the end of Turn 6, roll a die.  On a result of 1, 2 or 3 the game ends, on a roll of a 4, 5 or 6 play a further turn.  There is a maximum of 7 turns.


At the end of the game calculate which side has won by adding up victory points as follows:

6 - The VIP leaves the table at the blue zone
3 - A unit leaves the table at the blue zone
3 - For Each destroyed Polish unit
1 - For each German unit that survives on the table

6 - The VIP is destroyed
3 - For each destroyed German unit
3 - For each Polish unit  that survives on the table

The Polish Anti-Tank Gun


Turn 1
  • Polish Forces start Hidden with an Ambush Order
  • All German vehicles must arrive onto the table during turn 1.  German forces must only make an advance order in their transports until the Ambush is activated
  • All German infantry units including the VIP must be embarked on a transport when arriving to the table
  • It is up to the player to chose which German vehicle enters the table first
  • At the completion of each German vehicles advance order (eg when the vehicle stops moving), determine if the ATG activates its Ambush.  Roll a D6, on a 5+ the Ambush is activated.  The point of aim must be where the German vehicle is most vulnerable (eg least amount of cover, side armour) to give the ATG the best chance of a penetrating hit.  If the Ambush is unsuccessful, bring on the next German Vehicle and repeat.  If the Ambush is activated the rest of the Polish forces will activate their Ambush.  The vehicle being Ambushed can not fire back if able to.
  • After the ATG has triggered its Ambush, the ATR must trigger its Ambush.  Roll a D6, on a 4+ it must target the nearest armoured vehicle.  On a 1,2 or 3 it must target the nearest soft-skin. If no armoured vehicle is on the table it targets the nearest soft-skin. 
  • To simulate panic, any German Transport hit, with the exception of the VIP transport, the troops embarked on it must disembark and follow the rules for troops dismounting a transport.  The VIP may disembark their transport after turn 1 however must disembark their transport if it takes damage at any stage.
  • After the ATG and ATR have activated their Ambush, Polish rifleman will activate their Ambush with the following targeting priorities in order if in range - disembarked infantry, nearest soft-skin, nearest armoured vehicle
  • Once the initial Ambush has been activated by the ATG the Germans can play as normal with the exception of vehicles not making a run order for turn 1 only
  • If a Polish unit is out of range of an enemy unit for its Ambush order at the end of turn 1, return the Ambush order to the dice bag
  • If the Ambush is not initially triggered by the ATG in turn 1, proceed to turn 2 repeating the above sequence however the ATG Ambush triggers on a roll of a 2+ instead of 5+
Turn 2

  • Activate units as per normal.  When a Polish Dice is drawn the following priorities are to be given to that dice to be allocated to a unit in order of - ATG, ATR, The Polish unit closest to a German unit.
  • The Polish ATG will have the following targeting priorities.  Roll a D6, on a roll of 1,2,3 or 4 they will target the nearest vehicle.  On a roll of 5+ they will target the nearest unit on foot (including the VIP if he qualifies).  Round down if the unit does not exist that you roll for.
  • The Polish ATR will have the following targeting priorities.  Roll a D6, on a roll of 1,2,3,4 or 5 they will target the nearest vehicle.  On a roll of a 6 they will target the VIP regardless if he is on foot or mounted in a transport (the transport obviously takes the shot).  If no more vehicles are available substitute infantry for the vehicle on the roll. Round down if the unit does not exist that you roll for.
  • The Polish HQ and Rifleman will have the following targeting priorities. Roll a D6, on a roll of 1,2,3,4 target the nearest infantry unit, on a roll of 5 the nearest vehicle and on a roll of 6 the VIP or the unit he is mounted in. Round down if the unit does not exist that you roll for.
  • The Polish forces will remain static and will only execute a Fire Order once they have used their Ambush order.  No other orders will be given to Polish units with the exception of an advance on the spot for the ATR and ATG to open firing arcs if required.
  • Repeat the above sequences for the remainder of the game
A Daunting Task for the Poles

Polish Anti Tank Gun and Anti Tank Rifle await

The Germans arrive

The Polish Ambush Activates

Chaos breaks out

Too good to miss... the VIP films the action
Final Comments

This seems a little complex at first but once you get used to it, it is a very exciting way to play when you don't have an opponent.  Of the 7 play tests I conducted, the Germans won 4 and the Polish secured 3 victories.  Each game was completely different to the last.  This is just the first of my Bolt Action Solo Scenarios.  I am already working on my second.  My next scenario involves armour and is based on a historic encounter.  Stay tuned.


  1. This is great. Looking forward to more!

  2. Very impressive indeed - thanks! I look forward to more of this sort of thing!

  3. Dzień dobry! I just found your blog after listing to the LRDG podcast Poland episode. I really enjoyed the conversation and your vision of this underusing nation in Bolt Action. Brilliant to follow up on that and see what you've done here, and all the great action shots.

    Might we see you playing Poles at MOAB this year?

    1. Hello thanks for the comment! I am helping run Bolt Action @ MOAB this year so make sure to say hello!