Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Project Waterloo Update - La Haye Sainte

I am striving to get the Warlord Games La Haye Sainte Collector's edition fully completed by mid-September.  I will be featuring this large collection of 170+ miniatures in a soon to be announced book.

If you have been following me on Twitter you will see the progress I have been making.  I have painted 127 of the miniatures so far and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I am slowly constructing the farmhouse itself.  I really can not wait to finish this project.  It is going to look epic and will be a great achievement.

So far I have painted:

36 x French Light Infantry
36 x Hanoverian Line Infantry
36 x French Infantry
6 x Luneburg Light Infantry
5 x King's German Legion Infantry
5 x French Engineers
1 x Lieutenant Vieux
1 x Farmer's Wife
1 x Marshall Ney
1 x Nassau Officer Extinguishing Fire
Resin Sandpit

 All the plastic figures are done, the three line battalions have taken the most time, its now just doing all the little blister packs of metal troops and the terrain!

French Light Infantry back when they were WIP
French Line Infantry

Hannoverian line Infantry

Kings German Legion

Luneburg Riflemen, my favorite so far.


  1. Good on you mate - almost there. Gonna be awesome when its done, and what a feeling of accomplishment. Sorry to miss you at the club this week - hope to catch you up again soon before I go away again.

    PS Those Hannoverians look awesome!

  2. Great minis, great project...sounds very interesting!