Friday, 23 September 2016

Expanding the USMC

With Mother of All Battles (MOAB) 2016, I decided to expand on my 750 point USMC force that you can view here,  The force has had a few minor changes.  I decided to drop the Air Observer as they are cheesey and too powerful in Bolt Action V1.  MOAB will be the last event on the Australian Scene to use Bolt Action V2.  The event is 1250 points and must be themed.  I have run with the 1st Marine Division at Okinawa.  This can also be used for Pelileu you just can't take the M29 Weasel as they debuted at Iwo Jima.

I have added, an additional engineer, Bazooka Team, M3A1 37mm Light AT gin, M29 Weasel, M4A3 Sherman and a LVT4.


1/56 USMC Vehicle
Rolling out the reinforcements

28mm USMC
Boots on the ground

Rubicon M4 Sherman, USMC, M4A3, Stowage, Crew
M4A3 Sherman - Rubicon Models, Warlord Plastic Crew, JTFM Stowage

1/56 USMC Sherman
M4A3 Sherman

1/56 United States Marine Corp Sherman M4

M4 Sherman radio clock face
Note the clock face for the phone (they were actually on the starboard side)

Company B M29 Weasel
M29 Weasel - Company B Models, Warlord Crew, Mixed Stowage

28mm Weasel

1/56 Warlord Games Lvt4
LVT4 - Warlord Resin, Warlord Metal Stowage, Warlord Plastic Crew

28mm lvt

28mm USMC Lvt

1/56 USMC Lvt United States Marine Corp

M3A1 37mm anti tank gun
M3A1 37mm Light AT Gun - Warlord Games

28mm USMC anti tank gun

28mm united states marines anti tank gun
Smoking on the job

Warlord Games USMC Anti Tank Gun

28mm USMC Bazooka
Bazooka Crew - 28mm Warlord USMC Plastics

1/56 United States Marines Bazooka

28mm USMC ww2
An additional engineer - 28mm Warlord USMC Plastics

28mm Warlord Games Plastic USMC