Thursday, 30 August 2018

Frostgrave Statues or Constructs?

I quickly painted up my 72nd model for the month of August which was part of a quick 6 model speed paint for Frostgrave.  August has been a damn good month on the painting front!

I built 2 models each from the Frostgrave Barbarian, Soldiers and Ghost Archipelago kits.  I removed the pudding bases carefully and glued them to a Plastic Base.

I 3D printed some Pillars for them that they can be mounted on or detached so they can be a living Statue or a stone/concrete Medium Construct! Perfect for those Frostgrave Scenarios.  They were recently used in a Successful Frostgrave Campaign.

I quickly Painted them with the Following Recipe:
Primed Grey
Drybrushed Vallejo Light Grey
Drybrushed Vallejo White
Washed with Secret Weapon Stone Wash

Frostgrave Construct
I assembled up 2 stock soldiers from each of the above mentioned Frostgrave Kits

Stone Construct Granite Construct Frostgrave Medium Construct
I have not permanently attached them to their Pillars so they can be used in Game as a Construct or a NPC!

Games Workshop Zombies

I really love the Old Hammer and Middle Hammer period for Games Workshop.  I especially love their old undead and these Zombies are terrific.  I love the awkward poses of these zombies.  They painted up a treat. 

Interestingly, I didn't seal my Army Painter Quick Shade and it turned into a gloopy mess.  I diluted it with some White Spirit however the Polyurethane  in the Quick Shade had gone off so it lost its trade mark shine.  I have since replaced the can but will put the ruined Quick Shade to some sort of good use.

I based these guys with some old plasticard off cuts rather than send them to landfill.  I have done a sort of Dungeon/Field cross over theme.

They were from one of the Original Red Boxed Zombie Regiment. What is even better... I have another box of these I got on ebay for a steal! 

Games Workshop Zombies
Games Workshop Classic Zombies.  Such a cool look!

Games Workshop Plastic Zombies

Old Hammer Zombies
The facial expressions are awesome

Middle Hammer Zombies

Games Workshop Zombie Regiment
Ranked up they look terrific

Games Workshop Zombies Regiment
You can see the basing theme I went for

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Frostgrave Ice Toad and Snow Leopard

I did a nice quick paint job on these superb creatures for Frostgrave.  These can spawn as random encounters or be summoned by a Wizard.  They are great little sculpts from the Northstar Military Figures Frostgrave range.

To paint these I simply primed, base coated, quick shaded and applied a couple of simple highlights in addition to picking out some of the minor details such as spots and eyes.

Frostgrave Ice Toad Snow Leopard
Frostgrave Ice Toad and Snow Leopard

Frostgrave Ice Toad Snow Leopard

Friday, 10 August 2018

Speed Painting Zombicide Black Plague/Green Horde Spectral Walkers

Wanting to get back on track for my goal of 500 figures painted this calendar year I decided to speed paint some Spectral Walkers from the recent Zombicide Green Horde Expansion - No Rest For The Wicked.

You can use the below technique for anything spirity or ghostly

The way I did this is as follows:

  • Based them.
  • Primed them White
  • Washed the bases with dark washes, Picked out debris and dry brushed it white
  • Brush on some varying skin tones
  • Washed the Spectral Walkers with GW Nighthaunt Gloom
  • Picked out eyes
  • Varnished!

About 3 - 4 hours total and knocked over 18 figures! I added the base details so I can use them for other gaming systems.

Unpainted figures... they dont belong in a box 

Recycling some spare materials rather than landfil

Zombicide Spectral Walkers
Not bad for 3-4 hours

How to paint Zombicide Spectral Walkers
The Three Poses

A Song of Ice & Fire - Stark Sworn Swords

I backed the recent CMON Kickstarter a Song of Ice & Fire.  Being a wargamer and a fan of Game of Thrones I was destined to invest in this... and I am glad I did. In this article I will show you how to paint the Stark Sworn Swords.

I would describe the figures as 32mm True Scale.  Some will disagree however they are well proportioned and easy to paint.

I did the Blue/Grey theme as I dont get to paint these colours as much as I would like to.

The recipe I used is as follows using all Vallejo Acrylics.  This is how I painted them.

Prime Black
Armour - Drybrush Gunmetal, Drybrush Silver, Drybrush Metallic Blue for Shields
Clothing - Field Blue
Underarmour - Leather Brown
Wood - Maroon
Fur and Shield Straps - Khaki
Straps and Leather - Chocolate

Use Army Painter Quick Shade then highlight with above colours adding Ivory for extra layers of highlighting

Base - Chocolate, Drybrush Iraqi Sand.  Add Citadel Valhallan Blizzard and top with Woodland Scenics Soft Flake Snow

Finish with 2 coats of AK Interactive Ultimate Matte Varnish

I decided to batch paint these as I want to get them on the table. 

a song of ice & fire stark sworn swords
There are not too many poses available how there are some subtle differences in the troops

A Song of Ice & Fire Stark Sworn Swords
A Captain and Banner Man
How to paint Stark Sworn Swords
All 26 of them painted up, I need a bigger light box!

Friday, 27 July 2018

Converting Frostgrave - Part 2 - Thaumaturge, Apprentice and Some Soldiers

I have finished painting my latest four Frostgrave Models.  I really wanted to make a Plastic Wizard and Apprentice from the Sprues available so I went for a Thaumaturge and their apprentice as I really like their school of spells. 

I made a Cultist Soldier who could be a treasure hunter or a thief and a Soldier Carrying a Two Handed Weapon for whatever you please.

Frostgrave Conversions How to Convert Frostgrave
How I did these conversions.  All using available Frostgrave Sprues

Forstgrave Converted Wizard
Cultists, Thaumaturge, Soldier, Thaumaturge Apprentice

Frostgrave Sprue Conversion

Frostgrave Thaumaturge
Converted Thaumaturge and Apprentice.  I went for Healing friendly Colours

Frostgrave Cultist
Converted Cultist and Soldier
Frostgrave Treasure
Some bonus 3D Printed Treasure

I am eagerly awaiting the Frostgrave Female Soldiers which should be coming out later this year and will also like to get my hand on some Oathmark Sprues for more conversions!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Some Frostgrave Skeletons and lets get to 500 Painted Figures!

So you can see in my little table (view web version) I have acquired quite a few figures this year!  This is largely thanks to a couple of kickstarters arriving and some Sales/offers that were just too good to say no to.  I want to paint 500 figures this year and I am slightly below that target but determined to get it.

To help me get there I quickly pumped out 10 Mantic Games Skeletons.  These will be used an NPCs or even as a Warband for Frostgrave!  Great little skeletons however I am slightly in favour of the Old School Games Workshop Skeletons. 

I am really loving the Winter Theme