Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Haus Balkenkreuz ready for Action

I finally got around to finishing Haus Balkenkreuz for 15mm Fantasy.  These miniatures are from Ral Partha and are part of their Demonworld Range.

I used tiny Balkenkreuz Decals for their shields. 

These guys will be used in a variety of games from Dungeon Crawls to something secret I am working on muhaha.

I plan on doing a few more 15mm Fantasy Warbands

15mm fantasy miniatures Empire
Haus Balkenkreuz.  15mm Empire Miniatures by Ral Partha Demonworld Range

15mm Fantasy Command
You must point to things if you are in Command.  The Command team.

Spears or Pikeman

Ranged Support

Ranked up they look great

Their Shields with their Balkenkreuz displayed.

Haus Balkenkreuz Takes on a Giant 28mm Skeleton