Saturday, 22 February 2020

Frostgrave Plastics - A Necromancer and their Apprentice

The Northstar Military Figures plastic kits for Frostgrave are simply superb.  I love the sprue options and the creative abilities they present.  I recently received both boxes of the Plastic Wizards for Frostgrave.  The first box is for Male Wizards and the second box is for female Wizards.

I created a Necromancer and his apprentice from the stock parts on the included sprues without using any other options from the many boxsets that exist for Frostgrave.

I will be using the Necromancer as the villain in a solo campaign I am currently developing.

For painting the black robes I did something different.  I primed them black, drybrushed them white then washed them with Citadel Contrast Paint Black Templar.  It was too dark so I drybrushed them again white then used Contrast Baslicanum Grey and gave a much better effect.

Frostgrave Plastic Wizard
A Frostgrave Wizard's Apprentice and the Wizard - Necromancer

Frostgrave female wizard

Frostgrave Necromancer
The Necromancer

Frostgrave Apprentice Wizard
The Necromancer's Apprentice


  1. I really like those purple eye-catching strips. :-)

    1. Thanks very much! I think the colours contrast well

  2. Just read this and I'm currently painting pirates so I'll give it a try with a grey wash as I don't have any contrast paint.