Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Frostgrave - Creating Felstad

I have been very busy 3D printing and painting terrain for Frostgrave.  The game is based around the Frozen City of Felstad which is in ruins and the snows have melted attracting adventurers.

All the images in this post contain 3D printed terrain and everything except the bases is printed.  I will start off with some post edited photos first to set the scene.

Frostgrave Terrain
Cultists come running out of a Graveyard 

Frostgrave Warband
Frostgrave Cultists

Frostgrave Terrain
Just some of my Frostgrave Cultists available 

Soldiers fighting their way through the Graveyard

Frostgrave Soldiers

Frostgrave Witch Spell
A Witch and his Apprentice practicing the dark arts

Frostgrave Witch and Apprentice
... something disturbs them

Frostgrave Witch Hunter
The Witch Hunters Seek them out

Frostgrave Terrain
Surrounded the fight is on

Frostgrave Zombies
Zombies raising from their Graves

Frostgrave Necromancer
A necromancer in a wooded area raises some frozen corpses

All of the scenery is from Thingiverse or Printable Scenery.  The Graveyard is a particular favorite of mine.  All the Graveyard components are from Printable Scenery.  I used some left over plasticard for the path and used a tree and centre tombstone from Thingiverse.

Frostgrave Terrain

3D Printed Dungeon entrance
The tombstone slides back revealing an underground Crypt... or dungeon

Ulvheim ruins available from Printable Scenery

Ruined Gothic Abby from Pritable Scenery.  I printed it in four pieces
 and in hindsight should of just printed it as one piece

CD Terrain trees
CD Trees.  Better than throwing the CDs out I got some trees from Thingiverse
and mounted them to this now redundant technology

CD Terrain
To cover the gap I immortalised some Warlord Games employees.  Each CD has a unique
quality control slip entombed in it

This is only the start for the terrain I am creating for Felstad.  Make sure to follow me on twitter for updates!

... and finally there is only Death in the Frozen City


  1. Great looking terrain! Makes me feel cold just by watching.

    1. Thanks very much! I am most please with the winter effects.

  2. This was amazing terrain to play on yesterday - thanks mate!