Thursday, 10 November 2016

I Am Going To Make Poland Great Again

As per my last article about Poland, I jokingly said to a couple of my wargaming mates, "I am going to make Poland Great again!".  It got a few laughs and a few odd looks but this project is now turning into a reality.  Poland was the first to fight and gave the German's a bloody nose.  They are no doubt one of the most unrepresented nations in Bolt Action and I want to prove they are a force to be reckoned with!  They won't just be for Bolt Action but I will be using them in the awesome Battlegroup game

My last post got a fair bit of interest and maybe a slight surge in Polish popularity.  Now its time for them to really make an impact and get more people realising their awesomeness.  A couple of people have assisted with the project.  I got a nice donation of a "squad" of 10 Poles from Hari, he was also the first to use the hash tag #MPGA.  I say "squad" pretty loosely as a Polish squad should be 19 men!  My good friend Bryan quickly designed this awesome logo for the project.  I am very grateful for this!

Bryan and Hari aren't the only ones to help me with the project, Joe from the Mini Warstore hooked me up with a good deal for some Polish reinforcements and lets not forget the cracking deal the good guys at War and Peace Games gave me at MOAB.

I aim to have this Army ready for CANCON 2017 which is a massive ask!  Hopefully I can do it.  Watch this space for more frequent updates.  Its been a busy month for me but its time to kick it up a gear and get painting. 

28mm World War 2 Polish NCO and Rifleman
A Polish NCO and a Rifleman

28mm WW2 Poles
Two Riflemen fire whilst a BAR gunner moves into line

28mm WW2 Polish Infantry Warlord Games
Polish Riflemen.  Strength in Numbers

28mm WW2 Polish Cavalry
Cavalry Test Figure.  The horse is painted Dark Rust.

Polish Lancer.  I will add flags to their lances.

28mm WW2 Poles
Make Poland Great Again!  What I have painted so far.  Many more to go!

Warlord Games Polish
Poland! First to Fight!

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