Friday, 7 October 2016

Fallschirmjager Veterans - East Meets West

I have built up three more troops for my ever expanding Fallschirmjager Force.  I want them to be a cross between the Normandy Campaign and the Campaigns of the Eastern Front for a true representation of hardened veterans.

I deliberately chose some of the early war smocks to represent this.  I will be doing up some looted weapons shortly to continue this theme.

I have made a small LMG team and an additional riflemen.  I intend to get away from the FG42 and arm my troops with more rifles to keep them themed and more historical.

This first trooper is the LMG Gunner.  The look I went for was that of another Fighter Bomber, or what German's referred to as the Jabo (Jagdbomber) attack.  You can see the frustration and despair in his face... not again!

28mm Plastic Fallschirmjager LMG MG42
Deckung! Jabo! - Looking to the skies, another Fighter Bomber attack!

Next up is the dedicated loader.  His face says it all, it has been a long war!

28mm Warlord Games Fallschirmjager Late War Grenadier Conversion LMG Loader
Warlord Late War Plastic Grenadier with Fallschirmjager Head.

The final addition is a lone rifleman.  Again I have used an early/mid war jump smock

28mm Plastic Fallschirmjager Eastern Front Normandy Jump smock
Warlord Fallschirmjager