Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Second visit to Warlord Games Nottingham

I am currently on my annual visit to the inlaws in the UK, luckily for me Nottingham is only about 90 minutes away by train from where we stay.  With only a couple of days left on the trip I decided at the last minute to do a trip to Warlord Games.  I had no real plan for what I wanted to purchase however after recently visiting Krakow Poland I really want a 1939 Polish Army.

The weather was much worse this time around for me, after a 20 minute walk from Nottingham Train Station I was greeted by Harry from Warlord's Customer Service team.

The first thing I requested was the France and Allies Army Book, sadly it was not in stock.  I ended up getting Battle Ground Europe and Germany Strikes instead.  Being undecided in which direction I wish to take with my Polish Army, I got my hands on a resin Tankette and held off on doing a purchase of miniatures.

The night prior to my visit I was messaging my good friend in Sydney, Bryan who wrote the official Australian PDF for Warlord.  Bryan requested I see if I could get the out of production dismounted wounded Panzer Crew.  I asked Harry if it was possible and he took me to the casting room where I met Pete, Warlord's most senior caster.  He went to a great effor to do this for us.  Pete found half of the crew in one mould and quickly cast it up for me.  Pete could obviously tell I really wanted this set for Bryan and myself so he went into the basement and returned 10 minutes later with the original mould.  He cast up a set of the crew and it came out terrible.  Pete went that extra mile for me and worked his magic by tinkering a little and created a cast to be proud of!  I now have a set of this awesome crew for myself and Bryan!

After seing how Warlord cast up their miniatures I went and visited Richard Carlisle and  Richard Dando.  I had a brief chat with them about upcoming releases and how the BA scene has exploded in Sydney especially at Company of Dice.  I also sent regards on behalf of the BAA and WWPD crew, and we chat about the sorcery that Patch creates with a paint brush.

I would highly recommend anyone visisting the UK to drop by Warlord Games - its that awesome!  Soon they will be opening a shop front with gaming tables and more!  I would recommend you ring up prior and place a phone order (like I did last time) so they can have your stuff ready.  If the opportunity presents itself check out the casting room and see if Pete and his team in action.

Sorry for the blurry photos!

Warlord Games Casting Metal Miniatures
Master Caster Pete casting up the dismounted Panzer Crew for me

Pete Warlord Games Casting
Pete the Wizard at Work - Photo is blurred but the Metal is 400 deg C!

Some of the crew and the exclusive tank wars miniature
Some of the crew and the exclusive tank wars miniature

The miscast of the dismounted Panzer Crew

A good cast!

28mm warlord games dismounted wounded bailed out panzer crew
The dismounted wounded Panzer Crew

An overcast rainy Nottingham Day


  1. Yep, visited there unannounced last year and they could not have been more helpful. Lorenzo was my guide and shop assistant, gave me a great deal after hunting through the shelves for my requests.