Thursday 29 June 2017

Offensive Miniatures DAK Squad 2

These took way too long to paint! On and off I have been working on these over the past 3 weeks! It is probably an all time new slow record for me for painting figures.  Offensive miniatures really have some beautiful sculpts and I am really happy with how they turned out.  I now have a basic platoon for Bolt Action and am nearly there for Battlegroup.

I shot these with my Samsung S8 and used the built in editor to crop them.  Pretty happy with the photos.

Offensive Miniatures DAK 28mm DAK
Offensive Miniatures EGDK306 DAK Squad

28mm DAK NCO
NCO and Rifleman - Great Poses

28mm DAK infantry sun hat
I love the look of Sunhats and Shorts

28mm DAK infantry
Some nice variation in the DAK uniforms

28mm Offensive Miniatures DAK
I like the chap on the right

28mm DAK LMG
DAK LMG team - I really like the pose on the gunner

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